A Spirit World Message.

We shall move mountains to achieve World Peace.
We shall end racism, educate the world about the spirit world, and build peace. The apartheid regime came to an end. We moved mountains in South Africa.

Mountains are more fragile than the human word, the human thought, our own will – a will based on decency, dignity, freedom, and reconciliation. No need for weapons, for vengeance, in the name of World Peace.

There is no death; I survived my physical body. My soul revived. I can speak to you today, conveying my words from heaven to planet earth. I am amongst you when that is my desire.

Remember, leaders of your world, we watch you, we who once walked our steps on your soil who sought peace and tranquillity in your world. We see how leaders who seek their selfish desires are riping the fruits that belong to other human beings and are strangling their societies by their kleptomania, their mental disorder. Your indignity will become a reality in the spirit world, and there is nowhere to hide.

These leaders are unfit for their task to serve their people, only concerned with their egotism, their power of the material kind, and losers of the spiritual kind—souls of disasters living in poverty in the spirit world. Turn around when you live on earth. Search for the love that created you, that gave your life to learn right from wrong. Serve the people in a dignified manner. We are of the exact origin, the same importance, everyone.

Modesty is the path to world peace.
In modesty, you find peace and love for the people of the earth.
In modesty, you share with all.
In modesty, you bring good fortune to the world – a prosperous world where we build peace and where racism is an unknown word.

We shall move mountains together.

World Peace Day represents change. Lay down your weapons. Disarmament is the key to transforming your world into a better place for God’s Children. Because that is what we all are.

God’s will, our will, is World Peace.

God bless you all, children of God.

World Peace Day, 21 September – United Nations

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