War must be banned through justice


A Spirit World Message.

I hear a child screaming in fear,
Listen my friend,
Listen to the children who are crying, who are full of tears,
Listen you, the strong man with power in your hands,
You were once a little child with fears.
Listen to the misery you create on earth,
Listen to the misfortune you bring to these, my children,
God is speaking to you.

I brought you to this place because of my love for you,
I gave an Earth filled with all the beauties from heaven,
You are on the wrong track,
You cannot win a battle as a warrior,
Battles are of the savage,
I gave you life for you to share the love I gave you at birth.

A wrong path filled with fear.
War will create emptiness within you.
Violence and cruelty towards my children creates disaster for your own mind.
I gave you free will to learn,
Be just, raise yourself, and find the love within you,
The love that keeps your heart running,
The unconditional love.

I am speaking to you, Nelson Mandela from the world beyond,
Do not make the same mistake that I did, fighting injustice through guerrilla warfare
That I initiated through love for my brothers and sisters.

Wars must be banned through justice,
The United Nations can create peace on earth,
The United Nations can wipe away the tears of the children and give them shelter,
The United Nations has a responsibility to protect and create an equitable life for every child.

War is not the path for reconciliation, for love.
The United Nations and its security council is your protection of human rights,
The United Nations can reconcile, negotiate, bring the wisdom of love and peace, and
Create a harmonious place for everyone.
The United Nations is a word for peace.

In the world beyond, as on earth, wars create sadness and tears,
We care for you and we love you,
Make a change today.

Wars must be banned through justice.
United Nations; it is you that can give a common ground for solving disputes, for creating the necessities for peaceful resolutions.

In the world beyond, we see another perspective of life,
Where reconciliation and peace is the only way to the kingdom of love.
Let our wisdom from this side of life enter you minds when on earth, so you do not come emptyhanded to my world, due to your own failures, due to the misfortune and misery you created on earth, because, my friend, heaven is within, the kingdom of love, transparent to your eyes in my world.

Make a change today.
Turn your own emptiness into a beautiful treasure.
You know what to do,
Love will open the door to a new life; a peaceful world where wars are banned through justice.