Use your logic and reasoning


A Spirit World Message.

In nature there is order,
Season follows season,
There is blooming,
There is decay.

Nature reveals wisdom,
There is day and night,
Your planet orbits the sun.
The gravity force, the force of the universe,
Brings harmony to the universal elements,
All in its place, in order.

Nature gives you the wisdom of life,
Nature gives me the wisdom within,
God’s law and order,
God’s wisdom,
My life.
Use your logic and reasoning,
God’s wisdom in your life.

A human being,
A physical flesh,
A spirit of love,
God’s love.

The violence of your world,
Use your logic and reasoning,
You reap as you sow.

Nature reveals to you that life persists,
Nature gives you the answer to life,
There is birth; there is death and rebirth,
A wonderful cycle of love,
Brought to life for you to learn, for you to enjoy,
For you to seek new adventures in the creation of God,
A creation brought to life for your physical eyes,
A wisdom of love.

Use your logic and reasoning,
There is a reason for your life, for your existence,
For the happenings in your world,
You reap as you sow.

Bring love and you reap love,
Violence creates violence,
Your logic creates the fundament for understanding life.
That was the wisdom I found within on earth,
The wisdom of God, the wisdom of my self.
Your free will is there to explore life,
So you can find the wisdom of life and your self.

In this word ‘love’ you find the truth of your world and my world, the world beyond,
Love created all there is, the mightiest power of the universe, the power of God, the power of love.
Logic, your intellectual ability, is there for you to comprehend life,
To understand that what you sow you reap,
All given to you by nature.

Use the wisdom of God,
Your wisdom that you have deep inside,
Find the seed of love within that created you, that gave you life on earth,
The universal love is there for you to comprehend.
Explore this creative force within,
Find the love and you have found yourself,
The wisdom of God.