Unite the world through love

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A Spirit World Message.

A wonderful world,
A wonderful creation,
Your planet Earth,
Created by love,
Created by God.

A majestic temple,
Seen from outer space,
This beautiful planet,
Bestowed with life in this vast universe.

I turn around, and I see God,
God shining upon Earth,
Shining upon its creation of love,

I turn around, I see
Where human life is impartial and caring,
Where human life is filled by selfish desire,

God! Show me the way,
Give me the wisdom,
How to tell,
How to give,
How to convince human beings on earth.

My child, God says to me:
I brought this creation of love to my children,
I gave this planet Earth for them to learn,
I sent them to school this morning, to teach them about an equitable life, to teach them how to behave towards each other. I gave them love; I brought them to a place filled with my beauties, with nature itself. I give them hope to find the treasure within, the eternal spirit of love. You are all my children. Tell them at school this morning that my love is for everyone, for all my children on earth. Tell them to unite, unite the world through love, and tell them to fulfil the creation of love.

That is what I am doing now, my friend. I am listening to the Almighty Spirit. I listen carefully. Unite your world through love; make an equitable life for everyone, all children of God.

I once said: “As long as poverty, injustice and gross inequality persist in your world, you cannot truly rest”. My friend, I cannot find rest when I look upon your life on earth, when I see all the misfortune that human beings bring to each other.

Turn around; watch the sun,
The unconditional love brought to you by your Creator, always alive for you to have warmth and nutrition, for you to sustain life itself.

Unite the world through your love.
You, each and every one of you, can make an effort to bring your love to another human being, you can all share and fulfil the creation of love, given to us to find the wisdom within, God’s love for every child, your love for humanity.

Unite the world and become one in the consciousness of love  that is where you find the wisdom of God, that is where you find heaven within, God’s heaven, your heaven.

Beautify yourself with love for your fellow beings, God’s children on earth, and one day you will have all fulfilled the creation of God’s love for you all, a world united by love.

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