The world beyond


A Spirit World Message.

A new world reveals itself,
A new world, a new life,
A panoramic view of nature,
I am in paradise.

Beautiful flowers,
Colourful, a wonderful scent,
I see the ocean,
I see valleys,
A veld of my own country, South Africa,
The beauties of nature from my own origins on earth,
At another level,
Just as solid, more real,
More beautiful, no decay,
All perfect.

I watch the birds that are soaring over this valley.
There is a white dove coming towards me,
As I sit there in the park.
The white dove is a messenger from earth
Telling me about its experience,
Telling me about my family and friends,
Their achievements,
Telling me about the love it has shared to create a peaceful atmosphere
Among neighbours, among fellow beings.
The white dove is a sign of peace on earth.
When you watch a white dove, feel the compassion that this bird brings from heaven.

The world beyond will be revealed to you according to your vibration,
According to the love you brought to the world,
The love you have within for your fellow beings,
Your spiritual self will make your heaven or your hell.

No one condemns you; you are your own judge,
Your spirituality will be your vibration in the world beyond.

It is all about spirituality,
Being truthful to oneself,
Your love for your brothers and sisters,
The care you give others.

Selfishness, selfdestruction by violence, will lower your vibration,
Whilst love heightens your self to a higher level of consciousness,
A place where you are in oneness with spirits like yourself.

There is no eternal condemnation, but a place you may term as hell.
It is a place according to your vibration,
According to what you have made out of your life,
A place where you have to experience your own behaviour towards your brothers and sisters on earth.
There is love; there is help for these poor souls,
They will have to hold out their hands towards a higher level of understanding,
They will have to seek forgiveness and redeem their failures, their faults in life.

The world beyond is more real than your world,
Your thoughts are your reality.

One day we will all be as one in the consciousness of love,
We are all children of God,
The unconditional love, that gave you birth on earth to learn,
To raise yourself spiritually, to master the passions, to conquer yourself,
So you could find your real self.

Many lives on earth,
God’s justice,
God’s love for all,
To repair, to redeem one’s faults.

Love will open the door to the kingdom of higher spirituality.
When you have lived a decent life on earth
And accomplished your tasks and fulfilled yourself,
You will arrive in your paradise,
A world similar to the earth, but much more beautiful.

We are alive,
We are as solid as you are,
Another vibration, another frequency,
Another life.

Do not fear death,
In God’s love there are opportunities, there is a new life.
Have no fear, we are close by,
Your family and friends are there for you when you one day come to us
And have left your physical flesh behind.

The world beyond is of love,
Fill your heart with this power and God’s light will be your light, no darkness.

The world beyond,
A new world,
A new dimension for you to enjoy,
When you have accomplished your earthly life,
Your mission on earth.

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