The United Nations must take an unequivocal stand for human rights

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A Spirit World Message.

I see a world in misery; I see a world with abhorrent acts against human rights in many places on the earth plane. Children were brought to the earth for a dignified life. They came with love from my world. They were brought to life by the seed of love from the Almighty Spirit.

You were given free will to explore this beautiful planet, its wonders. You were brought here as a child of God to attend to your family, to give a helping hand to your brothers and sisters, so you all could find joy in this reunion of your family on earth.

The earth plane, where you have all the passions of human nature, is a school of learning, there for you to master the passions you find between men and women in your social relationships. The free will that all children can employ in their lives is there for a purpose, is there to enhance you spiritually.

But in this world of yours, spirits of different spirituality attend the school: both undeveloped spirits and highly developed spirits. The United Nations is the mother and the father, the parents of the children of the earth. There are no national borders in the eyes of a good father and mother, a highly evolved spiritual unity of love. The United Nations and its council for human rights is the spiritual body that has responsibility for all children and their human rights, unequivocal human rights, rights that do not see the different traditional values of nationalities but see the world as a whole.

Every child has the right to a just and equitable life, has the right to care, to health and medical services. Every child has the right to freedom, the right to travel and to speak from the heart. All children have the right to live their lives as they wish as long as they do no harm to others. Their sexuality, their religion, their beliefs; these are rights for every child.

We all want a decent and good life. Every child has the right to a decent life on earth. The United Nations, as the parents of your world, must take a stand to eradicate the poverty, abuse and violence of individuals. The United Nations is responsible for ensuring that all children can achieve their human rights. Rights that can be fulfilled within one word, “love”. Love for all. Your obligation is to provide a just and equitable life and society, a universal society where love for every child is your responsibility. As the United Nations, the body of love and peace, you must see every child as your own, and yourselves as the mother and father of the children of the earth.

After the Sharpeville massacre in South Africa, the United Nations took a stand to prohibit such a racial system. But it took three decades before it became a free democratic society for all. Let that remind you that people and children are suffering each day. Expose and speak out loud about the abuse, the violence, and the deprivation of every child in every country. It is through communication, through opening up the wound, that people realise the conditions in your world. Speak up for every child who lives in poverty, who does not have the necessities of life. Speak up for the children who are misused, who are deprived of human rights. That is your responsibility as the parents of your world, the United Nations, the body of love and peace for the world.

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