The truth of life, let it be born in you


A Spirit World Message.

A wonderful sunflower,
Reflecting the light from above,
A creation built by love,
The sunflower gives you the wisdom of life,
The light that shines upon you both, the love that gives you life.

The sun drives your ecological system on earth,
Gives you warmth, water and food,
Gives life to earth,
God’s creation,
Your life.

Nature gives you the truth of life,
The truth of yourself.
Life is given to you in love,
Love is the power that keeps your heart running,
The heartbeats of love, God’s love.

In nature the sun reveals to you the colours of the creations
For you to enjoy,
For you to reflect upon life,
For you to search within.

The seed of love gave you birth on earth
For you to learn,
For you to raise yourself from the material elements of life
To a higher being with spiritual knowledge, God’s wisdom.

The passions of human beings in the flesh
Teach you aspects of material life,
Teach you right from wrong, the moral aspect of life,
How to care,
How to love,
How to share.

You are here to master your selfish desires,
To learn about life, the passions of life.
The truth of life is there, open your eyes,
Gain knowledge; find your real self, the truth of yourself,
Let it be born in you
That you are an eternal being,
That there is no death,
That your life here on earth is but one dimension of life.

Many worlds, many lives.
When you find the seed of love, the truth of yourself,
You have God’s wisdom in your hands, God’s love,
Share that love with your fellow beings and you fulfil your mission on earth,
Your plans for your earthly life,
God’s plan for you.

Heaven within is built through love for your brothers and sisters on earth,
The truth of life, let it be born in you.

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