The light of love

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A Spirit World Message.

The sunlight shines through my window in my cell. Bright rays of sunshine comfort me and tell me that a new day is born, in a new thought created by the light of love. God’s love is in my cell. It brings me peace of mind and tells me that there will be many days before my freedom, before I can release the people from their thraldom. I saw this light as the light of love in my imprisonment. It made my cell into a peaceful place with God’s presence, with God’s love, emanating through my cell window towards the floor, reflecting the love to my inner self.

I looked out of the window, and then I had a glimpse of my Creator before I had to turn my head away from the white bright light of love. Then I heard from within: My child, I am your Father and Mother, I brought you to this place on earth for a purpose, for a mission in life, for you to learn, for you to shape your life with your free will, for you to master your own life, your own fate.

And the light said to me: Become a messenger of love to your people, to the world. Find the peace that I give to you, find the love within. I will carry you in my hands and show you the way. The light of love, that is me, your Creator, and I will give you the path for reconciliation with your enemies because you are all brothers and sisters, one family, and you are to care for every brother and sister, you are to care for your family as a whole. It is God, your Father and Mother, speaking to you, bringing you the love that gave birth to you. Use the love like your stick that you used in childhood to play with other children, for joy and happiness in life, a peaceful stick for giving the path, not for fighting but for love, like the shepherd who cares for and shows the way for his flock. My child, find a common ground for peaceful negotiations and that will create the conditions for freedom, peace and love.

My friend, you who read these lines, that was the message that I received from the Almighty Spirit, a message from the light of love that gives us the path to endure, to find a fundament for ourselves and our children, the next generation. Let the light of love shine upon you all, the light that came through the window in my cell at Robben Island, and taught me about life, about human rights, the morals and ethics of humanity this world needs to prosper.

The wisdom is there for you when you face God and let his light of love give you the path, your own path in life.

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