The future – a new era is born

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A Spirit World Message.

Heaven to earth,
The sun is rising above the horizon,
A new knowledge of the sun brings the daylight to your world,
A new wisdom revealed, alive,
Man’s ignorance has found its way from darkness to light,
The wisdom, the truth of life itself,
A new era is born.
Beauty in the minds of people,
The love from their hearts,
The spirit of love creates a new era,
A new revitalisation of God’s wisdom,
God’s love for all.

The United Nations, a unity of peace and love,
A unity for human rights,
Multilateral agreements written in love,
Justice for all,
A new era is born.

The world has received a new agenda,
Equality, an equitable life for every soul,
Health and prosperity for every individual,
Poverty; a thing of the past.

A new world brought to life
By a united peaceful world of love, carried forth by
Multilateral law and order,
Let the speeches of the world that are filled with justice and love become a reality,
Let the words of peace materialise and
Form the love that they intended to bring to life.

Uncontrolled leadership and
Undemocratic nations are in the hands of the United Nations,
Every country needs enforcement to care for uncontrolled spirits,
Spirits that need care and love for their prospective future.

Care and love for every individual,
Governed by the United Nations, controlled by their effort for peace and love,
A firm resolution, a multilateral agreement,
Where all nations of the world find the truth of life, the truth of oneself.

A signature of a brotherhood in love for your fellow beings,
One world, many nations,
One common ground for peace and love,
Shared among its citizens,
A new future, a new era is born for every soul on earth.

Planet earth created by love, by God, fulfilled in love by human kind.
Create that new future today,
Let that new era be built in the spirit of love, the spirit of God,


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