Take advice from your ancestor


A Spirit World Message.

I watched my funeral, I watched my family, and I watched all the people who had gathered for a last farewell. The people who were there, the political leaders of your world, represented the different ideas and views of their own religions and the dogmas of my place of birth. I can certainly say to you that I did not sleep, that I was fully awake, that my mind was clear as the day. The illness that had caused my death truly had left my mind, an illness that belonged to the physical flesh.

If you knew the reality of life, what I have told you now, the world would have looked different, and you would have had another perspective of life. The illness of your world, as I perceived it on earth and as I do now, is the inequality, the lack of love and care, the cruelty, the selfish minds and the greed, the wealth and resources of your world that are kept in a few hands, the poverty, the suffering, the violence, the minds of people who are absorbed in their material selfish lives, that is the illness of your world. That is the illness of people that does not belong to the physical flesh that you leave behind; it belongs to your mind, which you bring along to my world, a mind that will suffer on this side of life due to its mental illness, due to its wrong perspective of life.

Let me tell you this, my friend: you can change. Take advice from your ancestors who are able to watch their funerals, their own life on earth, and the perspective of love. In that perspective, you will all see and watch your wrongdoings on earth. Change today, know that you are an eternal being that has walked the earth plane with many lives, with the objective of raising yourself spiritually each time and not suffering due to your own passions for the material aspect of living.

Why is life so difficult for many people?
Why is life so difficult to comprehend for many people?

It is because you do not have the knowledge, the wisdom of life itself that I as an ancestor am here to give you. It is the wisdom that came to me as it will to you all, the day you leave your physical flesh, the wisdom of God, the wisdom of love that we are here on earth to care, to love each other, to create prosperity for all, to create a better world. With love we can heal the world, heal the world from the suffering, from people’s lack of knowledge about life. Technological advancement has given us the opportunity to bring the message to many people, a message to the world, that Nelson Mandela is still alive, that all your ancestors are still part of the universal knowledge.

What a wonderful message we have for you  that you can heal your world when you know the truth of life that love is everything, that love built the universe, and that you were born by this power yourself.

Take advice from your ancestors; learn from us, we who have been in your shoes. Do not make the same mistakes. You can raise yourself spiritually and find the truth within. Nature reveals to you God’s wisdom, and we who come to you will prove that we are still alive. That will change you and your world, and create a better future. Knowledge dispels fear, fear of the afterlife, and we bring you that knowledge.

Heaven is within; create heaven when on earth through love for your fellow beings, by giving yourself in service to others for a better life, a better world for everyone. Love is the key because love is the power of God, the power that you find within when you seek it, the beauty and the treasure of your self brought to life on earth, a reality for your eyes on my side of life, where your love becomes your heaven, your treasure and the spirit of love.

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