Solving today’s conflicts

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A Spirit World Message.

In my youth I thought that political leaders and tribal chiefs were wise people. I know now that I was wrong.

“Political leaders seem nowadays to act like children who have had too much chocolate in their eagerness to promote themselves, in their eagerness to harvest votes, in their eagerness to find a favourable position for themselves.”

This was somewhat ironic, and maybe you experienced my sayings as a sarcastic comment for describing the vanity of many political leaders today?

In solving today’s conflicts, political leaders use both ironic and sarcastic expressions in a rhetorical manner to achieve popularity and confront the opponent by emphasising a strong attitude and fundament for their position in a conflict where there are certainly many opinions and many options for solutions.

My friend, solving the conflicts of today requires empathy, knowledge, wisdom, and actions of truthfulness, honesty, and sincerity. Communication, dialogue with physical presence and meeting the opponent as a friend, are key ingredients for establishing an environment, an atmosphere, of comfort and peace. Rhetoric with ironic and sarcastic remarks in a conflict that has deep controversies will only create more difficulties, more problems to solve, because all the remarks will have to be dealt with before you can start negotiating, before you can truly enter into communication and the settlement of a dispute. Communication is the key for solving today’s conflicts in your world where you have the technology, where remarks are broadcasted at the same instant as they are running through your mind.

Become a wise political leader, you who can have an effect upon the lives of people, you who can bring peace to conflicts where violence is on the agenda, violence to clear disputes. That in itself is a failure. Violence cannot solve disputes, it only causes and triggers violence in return.

Listen, you who are a wise political leader. I am speaking to you from the afterlife, from the world beyond, and it is my real self, Madiba Mandela, that is speaking to you because, my friend, I could not die. It is a fact, because we are all of the same origin, eternal spirits that visit the earth plane until we have reached a higher understanding of life itself. Be wise, my friend, learn from my mistakes. Entering into an armed struggle was a mistake. It was not a wise decision. I see this from another perspective of life now. I see that you will gain nothing by trying to solve conflicts through armed struggle. Only negotiations and talks can bear fruit and gain understanding from the people, after all. Remember, my friend, that what you sow on earth you reap, and if you do not see the harvest on earth, you will certainly see your own harvest on this side of life.

The wisdom of life, of human beings, of their feelings, their behaviour and their history are essential to your own reservoir when negotiating. Every conflict can be negotiated, can be solved through communication, through friendliness. Do not behave like children who have eaten too much chocolate. Behave like adults who have gained wisdom within your hearts, and know that we from this side of life, we are here trying to influence you to do the right things in life. Based on the wisdom that we have gained, we try to send our thoughts of love for peaceful conflict resolutions. The next time you confront an opponent in a conflict, recall what I said and remember us who once walked upon the earth plane. We leave our love for you to create a better world.
Knowing the truth of life that there is no death will change you, will change your view of life, the life that you have on earth. So get the perspective while you live in your physical flesh so you can contribute in your own way to better decision making, to a higher understanding, and to the settlement of conflicts in a peaceful and honourable manner, where human rights form the core of the life you all have on earth. You can make a difference, my friend, a difference for your world by creating a peaceful world, a world healed by love, the truth, and the wisdom of God within you.

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