Reconciliation and Negotiations


A Spirit World Message.

In your world there are many conflicts, conflicts where national borders have their history, and where political leadership claims the land. Every country has its own culture, its own religions, and its history and path of evolution. In your world there are developed and undeveloped spirits because this is the school of learning, the ground for raising oneself to a higher level of spirituality where the reality of warfare has no meaning, where warfare itself is a defeat.

The United Nations has a major role to play in negotiations for peace, for bringing justice and the truth before each party that is in conflict. The United Nations must take an active part in negotiations and call the parties to a common ground, a meeting place. It must be more than a convention, a place where all facts, where the truth itself, can be revealed. Based on the opinion of the world’s society, a just recommendation can be brought to life by receiving wings, so that an agreement can be born as a white dove for both parties.

There will always be a time for reconciling, if not in your generation then in the next generation, and they will look upon you with disdain or with admiration. My friend, let your traces on the earth plane shine with the spirit of love, let it be a treasure that you gave to the next generation for them to admire, for them to look upon you and say: What fine people they were. They were truly blessed with the power of love within themselves. Let us have this treasure in our hands; let us carry it forward to our next generation so we can bring this beauty to our children for the future.

In this short lecture, I cannot go into a discussion of the conflicts of the world today. But what I can say is that the key for conflicts’ resolution is time, patience and tolerance. There are always new options and possibilities to master the challenges when you use time as a resource, when you let the parties dwell within their troubled day. Within human rights, there is the need for security and protection, for a sustainable life. The United Nations is the facilitator of such a role, of such an important task, creating the conditions for support of the people who are within the lands of conflict. The United Nations has the responsibility of creating safety for all.

Do not sit with your arms crossed, you that can prepare a ground for a peaceful world through the United Nations. Take an active part in revitalising the world so you can join in the effort of healing people’s wounds, so you can take part in creating a world where wars are banned, where all living beings on earth have livelihoods and security. The United Nations has a tremendous role in reconciliations, in negotiations for resolving conflicts, for creating a better place for the people of the earth.

I can hear the words: What about terrorists, what about the people who are slaughtering human beings, terrorists who have brought disasters to so many innocent people? What about them? you may ask. My answer to you is: Provide these souls with the foundation for a sustainable life. Provide employment and the material necessities for a decent life. Reconcile and negotiate. There is always a reason behind why terrorists act as they do. If you cannot reach reconciliation you will not find peace between yourself and the people who are acting in such inhuman ways.

The United Nations can find a common ground for such a reconciliation process, solving the conflicts of your world. The United Nations must have the financial means and the support. The United Nations can play an active role in the creation of a peaceful world. It is attainable, and it is the objective of the United Nations in the spirit of love.

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