Peace to the world

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A Spirit World Message.

A wonderful light of love
Shines upon your blue planet,
Your star, the bright light,
That you find too bright for your physical eyes,
The star, the unconditional love, that brings you food and water,
That brings life to earth.

The bright light of your star is the love
That keeps your physical flesh alive,
Peace to the world, God’s treasure, your treasure
That you can find within,
That you can share with your fellow beings,
The beauty of life itself.

Nature, a creation brought to life by the sun,
The unconditional love,
A peaceful sunray that smiles at you from above,
Smiles at you as a reflection of the sea,
As a reflection of nature itself,
The sunflower, that keeps smiling, that your mind has created
By your own thoughts and words.

Peace to the world,
Given to you by nature,
The flowers in all varieties of colours,
The rainbow in the sky,
A morning where the dew in the grass reflects the rainbow and becomes many.

A human being is in front of you.
Share the wonders of nature through your smile,
Through your kind words that you yourself receive from heaven within,
The thoughts that have been brought to life from my world.
Share with your friends, your fellow beings, and peace comes to you.

Care for every being on earth.
Bring your love to your family, and
Peace manifests itself in your heart.
Peace of mind shared with many brings,
Peace to the world,
Peace that was created by love for your fellow beings.

Peace to the world,
Peace to God’s creation,
Peace to heaven within,
God’s peace, God’s love for you all.

A lovely thought,
A lovely mind,
Memories that you create within for your world and my world,
A peaceful memory.

Peace to the world,
Heaven to earth,
God’s love, our love for you all.

Share the thoughts of love and peace.
Make traces on earth,
Where peace manifests itself through your love.
A mission of peace,
Let that be your mission, your love, your life for all.

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