Parable the sun and the wind


A Spirit World Message.

I once told a story, a parable, about peace and force to enhance the message of peace in the minds of people so that everyone, based on logic and reasoning, could perceive the truth behind such a parable.

It was the sun and the wind that were arguing about which was the stronger. The wind said: “I´m stronger than you are,” and the sun said: “I´m stronger than you are.” So they decided to test their strength with a traveller who was wearing a blanket. They agreed that the one who would succeed in getting the traveller to get rid of his blanket would be the stronger. The wind started blowing towards the traveller, and the harder it blew the tighter the traveller pulled the blanket around his body. Eventually the wind realised that the traveller would not discard the blanket and gave up. Then the sun started with its rays, very gentle at first and then increasing in strength, and the traveller started to loosen up his blanket. The sun’s rays became stronger and stronger and the traveller felt the need to let go of the blanket and threw it away. By gentle means, the gentle method, the traveller had discarded his blanket, and that is the message of this parable: that peace itself conquers violent force.

My friend, the sun, the star of your solar system, gives you warmth and provides you with nutrition, with food and water. The sun is the unconditional love from the Almighty Spirit, created for you to inhabit earth, for you to raise yourself spiritually in this school of life, the passions of earth. The sun keeps you in balance, keeps your planet in such beauty. Let the sun remind you about the truth of life, the creation itself. All in perfect order and at peace. The elements of nature, of life, are there to teach you the truth, to teach you about life itself. That is why you, through the parable of the sun and the wind, can understand God’s wisdom, the spirit of love that you can manifest on earth to create a better world, a world at peace and in harmony with yourself.