Our love for you


A Spirit World Message.

God is alive,
God’s unconditional love.
When you become one with your Creator,
You become love.

The spiritual pathway is the wisdom of God,
It leads towards the light of love.
We that come to you,
We are messengers of love,
We have found our oneness with God,
The wisdom of life.
When you are one with the power of love,
The power of the universe
That made you, that created all,
You become unconditional love yourself.

We come to you with love,
We come with wisdom of life itself,
God gave you life on earth to evolve,
For you to search within,
For you to explore life,
To see yourself in this mission of love on earth.

God’s love is omnipresent,
God’s love transcends the dimensional planes of life,
Different worlds of existence,
All made perfect, all in order.

A new world is brought to you through your microscope,
Another world through your telescope,
Beyond your sight,
A new dimension of life.

A bridge built by the wisdom of life,
Created by the hands of God, connects our worlds.
It is about time to lift your sight beyond the material plane of life,
It is about time to discover the world beyond,
The life of the spirit in its reality.

Life on earth is artificial compared to the spiritual life
In my world, a real life, a new life,
Brought to life by our minds,
God’s love for us, our love for you.

Our wisdom of life, God’s Wisdom,
Can enhance your world to a higher level of spirituality
That will brighten your lives,
That will change your inner self,
That will change your world to a better place for all.

We come to you with God’s treasure,
The wisdom, heaven, you can build within you,
A heaven visible in my world.

Our love for you is God’s love for all,
We are one, created with love, filled with love.
Attain that spiritual life when on earth,
Find the oneness with God, with us,
Through your love for your fellow beings,
Your brothers and sisters on earth, your family,
Our family.

Join us in our love, the wisdom of God,
Heaven on earth, is knowledge,
The wisdom of life itself.
Our and your love builds the Bridge of Love, the bridge connecting our two worlds.

The wisdom of life is there for everyone,
Seek and you shall find,
Your love will open the door to God’s kingdom within you,
Heaven on earth brought to life by your love,
Our love for you all.

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