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A Spirit World Message.

In my childhood and my youth, the Methodist belief system was very much a part of me. My mother was a true believer of this religion. I myself was born into this direction of life and attended schools of such foundation and belief. In the Methodist teachings, Christ as the saviour is predominant, is the core of this direction of belief that stems from the Protestant church. In the heart of Christ, love for your fellow beings, forgiveness and oneness with God, your Creator, are crucial elements of his teachings. That was my fundament for life as well. However, if I had been born in India, my religion would have been Hinduism. If I had been born in Iran, I would have been raised as a Muslim. If I had been reared in Thailand, I would probably have been a Buddhist. My friend, what I am trying to tell you is that the culture and the conditions that you are born within, have a fundamental impact on you, your own creation, and your belief system.

The dogmas of religion create segregation, and I am certainly not in favour of segregation. We have all been born by the same creative force, the power of love, born by the spirit of God. My belief system, when I walked upon the earth plane, was love for my fellow beings, reconciliation, forgiveness, a dignified life, an equitable and good life for everyone in the spirit of God, the spirit of love. Love is the fundament of my belief, and in love you find no segregation, no racism. We are all the same, of the same importance. God does not differentiate between any of us, as you can perceive from nature itself  the sun shines upon all. They are human made, the gross inequalities and the vast differences that persist all over the world still.

I am speaking to you from the afterlife, from the world beyond where every one of you will arrive when you leave your physical flesh. It is a new world, a new dimension, where segregation is only within people’s minds due to their life on earth, due to their human behaviour when on the earth plane. What you created within yourself, how you built heaven within, or how you built hell within yourself, is what you receive when you come to this side. You judge yourself, the spirit within judges itself, and what you sowed on earth you certainly reap on this side. There is no eternal hell. Hell is a condition of the mind. The terror that you brought to people on earth will be your own terror on this side of life. But there is truth and reconciliation, there is forgiveness, and it is through your own redemption, through love, through respect for your brothers and sisters that you will raise yourself spiritually and leave the terror of your mind.

You can build heaven within, as Christ said in the ancient scriptures, sayings that have many miscomprehensions that have been revised and misconstrued. Where there is love in what you read, in what you perceive, this is the truth. When there is segregation, where there is no love, it cannot be the truth. The dogmas of religions have caused misery for many people. It is about time to revaluate, to revise, the scriptures so their content can be of pure love. It is an injustice to humanity when dogmas in error, which bring suffering to people, still persist in your world, dogmas that do not have a fundament of truth in my world.

To be in oneness with God, within his consciousness of love, to be in oneness with my Creator, is the supreme state of being. There, you will have peace and true felicity in his wisdom of love.

In my world we create with our own thoughts; our thoughts and your thoughts are substance. We can see our thoughts become reality. We can see the creation that we build within ourselves. The creation itself becomes a reality. God is that reality because it is through love that we have the power to enhance ourselves towards his oneness of love.

When we had obtained a democratic society where I was born, we brought into being a commission for Truth and Reconciliation. Let that be part of your own life, of your own belief system, and you will bring a new light to your world: God’s love, the truth of your self, the truth of life. Learn from us, we who once walked upon the earth plane and have reached a step further in God’s kingdom of love.

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