Nonviolence – the strongest weapon


A Spirit World Message.

When you plant a rose seed, you expect the seed to rise from the soil and become exactly that flower on earth. When you plant a potato, you expect it to find its nutrition under your feet; you expect the nature itself to bring you more nutrition for life. My friend, what you plant will meet your expectations because it is of nature’s law, brought to life by the Almighty Spirit.

Then, I will ask you this question: What do you expect when you plant a seed of love in your life? Based on the laws of nature I started out with, the rose and the potato, it will turn into more love. That is according to reason and logic, the intelligence that we have been given, that we were born with. When you plant a seed of violence, it will turn up with more violence. That is why nonviolence is the strongest weapon because everything is based on nature’s law, based on God’s principle, the law of cause and effect in this universe, in the material world as well as in the spirit world.

Mahatma Gandhi knew this principle, the spiritual truth of life, as he pursued the fight against the British rulers of India, and it resolved into a democratic society. He rejected violence based on the spiritual truth of life that what you sow you reap; when you sow love, you will reap love, when you sow violence, you will reap violence.

“I Have a Dream”, Martin Luther King Jr. once said, a dream, which he also found in the spiritual principle of love, to release African Americans from racism. I myself could at first not perceive the truth because I was blindfolded by the oppression and the violence taking place before my eyes. I got lost when I pursued an armed struggle against apartheid, against the South African government at that time. I know better now. I saw that, through reconciliation and talks, we could have achieved so much more at an earlier stage solely based on nonviolence. Civil disobedience, civil resistance, nonviolent demonstrations and protests, the tremendous effect of going slow, the magnitude of people’s will, cannot be stopped. It will always prevail.

When there is oppression, when there is cruelty and violence initiated by leaders of politics, the power of the people, a unified power of nonviolence based on civil resistance, can defeat the political leadership. Your creativity and your imagination have such tremendous strength and value when you have nonviolence, the truth of love within your heart, because that is the path of God, who put the principle of nature, the law of cause and effect, into operation. The rose seed cannot become anything other than a rose. One potato will become many potatoes. These are simple terms, but it is the truth of life, for you all to understand, that God has made a perfect law – when you sow love, you will reap exactly what you sowed, you will harvest love.

Many countries in your world have experienced that nonviolence is the path to freedom and peace. Countries that have turned to violence and turmoil have received bloodshed, suffering and instability. The consciousness of the world has a tremendous impact but it cannot change the laws of nature. Use your consciousness to bring equality, love and freedom for all people. Let your consciousness be to care; care for all the children of the earth plane. Share your wealth. You who have much can make a difference to the poverty and inequality that are present in many countries due to poor leadership.

There is so much wealth in your world that no one should need to go to bed hungry. It is all about sharing and bringing an equitable and dignified life for everyone. The selfishness of your world makes a cruel environment and conditions for many people who have nothing.

The United Nations can be the facilitator for human rights, for making a better world through a joint effort between countries where people can be brought to a higher level of understanding, the spiritual truth, the knowledge that there is no death, that we all survive the physical flesh. It is not a religious principle; all survive regardless of religion and become part of the spirit world. This knowledge was the fundament for Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. They knew the principle of life, the truth of life, the reality that there is no death. They knew that once they departed from the earth plane they would live on and look back on their traces on the earth plane. They knew that they would be filled with joy and love in their hearts when they followed the path of nonviolence, because love itself brings peace to the heart, brings peace of mind. Nonviolence will bring peace to earth. It is the only way, the only path based on God’s principle of the law of cause and effect.

Make a better world. Care, Share and Love, these are the fundamental principles of the spiritual truth. Employ nonviolence – the strongest weapon there is – to solve the conflicts of your world, to make a peaceful world. You can heal your world with love; it is the only path, God’s path.