My Soul

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A Spirit World Message.

I see the traces of myself,
The traces that I made on earth,
That I made in my soul,
I see myself, my earthly life.

I came to earth, brought into being by God’s love
For me to walk on earth once again, to learn,
To expiate earlier failures,
This is the wisdom of life I can see from my perspective on this side of life.

I had to learn again, through my life on earth,
The many mistakes we all make when climbing the path,
The path towards higher morality,
Towards our spiritual peak, oneness with our Creator,
Merging our love with the universal love, God’s love for all.

I deeply regret turning to an armed struggle for freedom,
There is one way only and that is through nonviolence.
I expiated my failures through reconciliation with the oppressor,
I reconciled to establish peace.

Human rights are there for you to comprehend,
You are here to protect your fellow beings,
You are here to care for the misfortunate, to help the sufferer.

Give love to your brothers and sisters regardless of belief, religion and ethnical belonging, regardless of their views and opinions about life.

On earth, spirits of high and low development live together,
You are here on earth to care for all people.

I see the traces of my self,
I see my soul,
The scars that my mistakes in life gave me,
And I see the beauty of my soul,
The reconciliation between my people, the nonwhites, and the oppressor, the white ruler.
That heightened my soul, healed my scars.

What I am telling you, my friend, is reality in the world beyond,
What you do to others, you do to yourself, to your own soul,
The love you give beautifies your soul.

The failures, the mistakes you make in life lower the vibration of your self,
Impair you,
Create wounds in your soul.
That is the truth.
Create heaven within when on earth, through your love for others, so you can beautify your spiritual self, your real self, when on earth.

One day you will come to this side of life, the world beyond,
Then your heaven will become a reality,
Your soul will find its place where it belongs,
Heaven or hell, your own mind.

In God’s justice there are always new opportunities,
That is why you have many lives on earth,
That is why you came back to earth when you did not fulfil yourself,
Accomplish your task.

Your mind creates reality in my world,
Your mind is your soul,
It is not a belief; it is a reality on earth as in heaven.

We have love for all,
We have love for you,
I come to you to tell about my soul.
Learn from me, I see the traces of myself, as you will one day.

There is no eternal hell in God’s love.
You will learn one day, and you will raise yourself spiritually.
Why wait my friend?
Become love today and give of yourself,
Bring your love to your fellow beings, your family on earth,
So you, when you come to my side of life, can smile when you see the traces that your love made in your earthly life.

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