My motivation


A Spirit World Message.

I am sitting here with a blank sheet of paper and a pencil. I start writing.

“My mission is to bring my knowledge, my wisdom from the afterlife, to earth. It is a mission of love, a mission that seems impossible, but I know from my earthly life, that nothing is impossible. I had a period of 27 years of imprisonment, when hours and days, seemed endless, but even so, in my deepest moments of despair, I saw the light of God within me. I saw the creation that he had brought into being and that was impossible for my earthly mind to comprehend and understand. I then realised the strength of this power, of such love, and that nothing is impossible to achieve if you find the wisdom of yourself and have the will of the Almighty Spirit. That, my friend, is my motivation. When you have the will of God, you can bring the wisdom of love, the truth of life, to the earth. It is a mission that seems impossible, but I know from my earthly experience that it is possible.

We from this side of life endeavour to bring you the truth, the proof, the evidence that there is an afterlife, that when you leave your physical flesh your spirit revives and knocks on the door to heaven. The transition from life on earth to the eternal life is made in that instant, that moment of death in the material life. When you open up your eyes, your spiritual sight, to my world, you will reap what you sowed on the earth plane, because your mind and your thoughts will reveal to you your present state of mind. If you have love for your fellow beings, if you have brought this t life by caring for your brothers and sisters on earth, a new world built by love will reveal itself for your spiritual eyes. If you have lived a selfish life, a life where your mind and thoughts were only for your own pleasure, where your fellow beings had no interest to you, and if your behaviour towards your brothers and sisters was of a malevolent, inhuman nature, well then, that is what you realise when you open your spiritual sight, when your life on earth has brought you emptiness in my world, brought you to the conditions that you had built within yourself, in your mind. It is a replica of your own mind that you will find in my world. So, my friend, find love, the love that you were born with, that you can nourish on the earth plane by caring for your brothers and sisters, because you are building heaven within yourself with your thoughts and deeds, with your love for your family on earth.

I have a strong motivation within me to bring this wisdom of love to my family on earth. That is why I come to you, to the medium in Trance, to speak my words once again to the world. It is an effort of love, and when you have love within your heart, then the mission that seems impossible unlocks the truth itself. You can build a bridge between two lands with love. Communication from my world to your world is not impossible. It is made possible by the creative force that made you and me, that made Mother Nature with all its beauties, all created by the power of love, the seed that brought you to this world so you could attend this school of life to learn, to see right from wrong, to raise yourself spiritually.

The truth of life is open to everyone, the truth of you. Death is an illusion. You do not need to wait until death before you can realise and experience the bridge between the two worlds. Through meditation in my earthly life, I saw the light of God within myself; I saw this light that gave me the path for peace and reconciliation in the struggle that I once fought. Peace and reconciliation is the path of God, the path of love, the path of dignity. Let us together bring this knowledge and wisdom to the people of the earth. You who read these lines on my paper, let this paper be brought to life in your world. Send it out to your friends with your signature of love and you yourself become part of my mission for bringing the truth of love and life to our brothers and sisters. God bless you my friend.”

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