My message to the world


A Spirit World Message.

Listen carefully, my friend!
I am speaking to you from the world beyond,
I am not dead,
I am alive.
This is Nelson Mandela,
Dead to you, alive in a new world.

Planet earth, this beautiful blue planet,
Is in your hands,
A creation brought to life by God’s love,
A wonderful sight from space,
A planet in orbit around your star, the sun,
That gives you nutrition, that gives you life on earth,
All provided for before you were born.

It is your responsibility to fulfil this creation with your love,
with your care, so you can turn over your creation to the next generation,
A home sealed with love for your children;

Reconcile and create peace.
United Nations, the world is in your hands,
You can seal this world with love for the children of the world,
You can create heaven on earth,
You have the means.

Love and protect,
Human rights for all,
Wars must be banned,
Provide aid for the suffering, for the children, men and women,
They are crying out for a just world.

You have the means;
Reconcile, negotiate, and find common ground.
Nothing is impossible when you follow the wisdom of God,
The wisdom of love,
It created you; it created your world,
The mightiest power there is, you have in your hands.

One day, each and every one of you will look back on your life on earth,
Make sure that you will come to this world and smile for your effort,
For the love that you gave,
God’s love is for everyone, and you are God’s hands on earth.

Political leaders, listen to my sayings: humble yourselves,
One day you will negotiate peace;
Find the love that gave you life, the wisdom of God.
God bless you, my friends, and you will hear from me again,
I will watch you.
Let us all work for a better world,
Let us join forces and one day heaven shall descend upon earth,
Heaven that you have built within yourself.