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A Spirit World Message.

In my childhood I lived in the rural area of Transkei, in a small village with the name of Qunu. In this tribe, the Xhosa tribe, where I belonged as part of the Thembu clan, I learned about my family, about my culture; how to behave, how to play in this beautiful land where I experienced nature with my friends. There were many children who enjoyed life in such a peaceful place. My father had several wives and my mother was his third wife. At that time, several families were of this culture. It was not my preference, and I believe, not my mother´s preference either, but we were a family, a family where love and care were the fundament.

The experience that you have received in childhood, you bring with you throughout your life. You consider your own family in contrast to other families, other cultures. The family with a husband and a wife, a family where the children belong to one unity, that is my preference. That is how I see it today, where the child can learn in a safe environment where there is confidence, trust and loyalty between the parents. The character of the family is what the child has as a reference for building its own life in adulthood.

Through my marriages with Evelyn and Winnie, I had many children, a family that has grown and that will see a new perspective of living, of life itself, with new generations. With my third wife, Grace, in late adulthood, there was unity and love but no children. Unity and love is paramount in the family. Intolerance, impatience, disloyalty, dishonesty or the fact that you cannot live together due to controversies, may cause a family to dissolve, but the love for my children and my exspouses persists.

My friend, we are all brothers and sisters in this family on earth. It is difficult to comprehend how you can be brothers and sisters when there is so much cruelty and violence in your world. You are born to this earth, everyone, by the same power of love. Your spiritual advancement in life, your moral character, gives you a new perspective. Your spirituality is the key to understanding your family, your great family on earth as well as your own small family. We are one family on earth, one unit created by love. We are here on earth to care for our family; we are here to share the wealth and resources with our brothers and sisters in this communion of love for everyone. This is the fundament.
Care, share and love, these are words that can be put into action by every single soul, this is a mission to be fulfilled by creating a sustainable life and a peaceful world.

When you come to this side of life, when you leave your physical flesh and return to this world, you will get another perspective. We are all spirits in a new life, a new world. Your family on earth is the school of life, to learn all the passions of the material life so you can climb spiritually, so you can bring charity and wisdom to your family. The cruelty of your world can be replaced by love when you find the truth of life, when you see that there is no death, that you are here for a purpose. As a brother or sister you are here to bring love to this family on earth. Extend your love, learn from the Almighty Spirit, learn from nature, from the beauties that were created for you to fulfil yourself, to enjoy yourself, to find the spiritual path to a higher understanding of life, the truth of your self.

Fulfil yourself with this mission of love for your family and you will one day look back from this side of life with joy for what you accomplished in your life on earth, for what you gave of yourself to your beloved family on earth.

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