My earthly life

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A Spirit World Message.

When I gaze upon the earth plane, the beautiful planet, from outer space, I see a wonderful creation in this universe. It is a magnificent sight that you all can experience due to your technological advancement. Enjoy this view with me right now.

The sun is shining upon the blue ocean, shining upon the lands, the rivers, the mountains, the valleys, the cities. I see no borders, no nationalities; I see one people, one land.

When I gaze upon your globe from this side of life, I perceive your world from outer space, until I move myself to the land where I was born. I am being drawn to my family, to the people who are close and dear to me, as a family should be. I am with my thoughts and my mind in the place that is called Qunu, where my mother raised me in my early childhood. It was a playground, a beautiful place on earth where I felt the security and safety provided by my mother and relatives, where I felt in harmony with nature, in harmony with myself. We used to play the native sport with sticks that I recall as a struggle at that time, but also as a joy, because it was of a friendly character. We fought against neighbourhoods established in the tribes. I could master this sport and in the same run I learned the plight as child, the discipline and the friendship of my siblings.

I look back now to my youth where I learned from the elderly, where I became part of schooling, of learning, in this rural area. I learned about the differences between having wealth and being poor. I learned about the dogmas of religion. I learned about how to behave. Youth itself was a school of learning where the passions of the earth gave new challenges to appreciate. Challenges that raised you in character and morality, challenges that made you question life, question the system that we were living within, the system of authority and knowledge, of deprivation and wealth.

When I attended university in early adulthood, I took with me the culture of the tribe that I was born within, but very soon I came to comprehend the racism and segregation of that time. I saw a world of injustice, a world that was not fair. It was more to this world that I myself had been raised within.

In my adulthood as a lawyer, I certainly learned about segregation and about apartheid, together with friends I truly loved for their friendship, my companions Oliver Tambo and Walter Sisulu. We were acquainted in such a manner that we felt we were as one in our struggle for liberty, for justice. I truly apologize to my first wife, Evelyn, and my children, Madiba, Makaziwe, Magkatho and Pumla for not being there for them. I apologize with my whole heart for not taking care of my family as I should have done. I was much too engaged with my work, with my own mind. That caused an end to my first marriage. Soon after, I met Winnie, who had the same perspective of the freedom struggle as I had. We were both brought to prison for violations against apartheid.

The ANC became a part of me to such a degree that I became the ANC myself. The massacres of people by the apartheid regime made me lose sight of nonviolence in the pursuit of liberation. Even though the ANC committee and Chief Lutuli warned me about the armed struggle, warned me about establishing an armed wing, I did not listen. I was lost in my own mind. I deeply regret the armed struggle and establishing the MK to break down apartheid by force. I strongly regret the use of weapons and I truly apologize to all the families, the children, the women, the men that I made suffer. Nonviolence is the most powerful weapon. The armed struggle sent me to lifetime imprisonment. I truly apologize to Winnie and my daughters Zenawi and Zindzi for not being there for them all those years. Surely all this time that was a waste could have been used for imaginative and creative solutions in a pattern of nonviolence.

That is how I see my earthly life, when I, here, watch this beautiful blue planet from outer space, a creation by the Almighty Spirit brought into being by his love, his love for all. Nonviolence is love, love for your neighbours, love for all people, even for people that oppress you, that are blindfolded, that don´t see the consequences of their own behaviour. Even after 27 years’ imprisonment, I didn´t see that nonviolence was the only true path for the ANC. I had to learn, I had to see all the suffering, all the killings, the death that armed struggle causes, and the misfortune it brings to so many people.

I changed my view in this respect when I was on earth, where I preached for reconciliation and peace not only for South Africa, but for the whole world. It took me a lifetime to see that nonviolence is the strongest weapon there is. Because that is the work of God, which is love, love for all, even your enemies.

When I gaze upon the earth plane, I hope that my contribution to this beautiful blue planet, the contribution I made in my later days, when I had been through all the passions of the earth plane, when I had learned by my own mistakes that reconciliation, love for each other and peace is the only true path to fulfil the creation given to mankind.

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