Many prophets – one religion


A Spirit World Message.

Unite your faith in God,
Ancient times – wise souls,
Another culture, part of the evolution,
Ancient wisdom – God’s wisdom
Unite your faith in love.

Many prophets on earth,
Many regrets in my world.

Prophetic words made out of love,
Love for each other,
Sayings that are of truth,
Man’s desire for wisdom,
Ever there,
Your evolution,
Prophetic words of love, of truth, of God.

Prophetic words with selfish desire, intolerance, without love,
Man’s vanity,
Man’s creations.

My friend,
Prophetic words are for you to comprehend,
Prophetic words that are of God are of love for you all,
Distinguish between the words, the scriptures, that are of truth and those that are man’s desire,
Words of love are of God, the wisdom for you to distinguish right from wrong.

Use your logic and reasoning,
A capacity that has been given to you by the Almighty Spirit for you to comprehend his wisdom.
Many prophets, many religions,
God has given you one religion,
One religion in one word “love”.

Love is the key to your inner self,
Love will open the door to heaven
That you build through love for your brothers and sisters on earth,
Your paradise, the kingdom of love.

Unite your faith in God,
Many prophets, one religion,
The religion of love,
Love for all.

Become love yourself,
Be one with God, the unconditional love of the universe,
Unite your faith in love.

Many prophets, ordinary people,
Messengers of God,
Messengers of love.
Become a prophet; serve your fellow beings by love for all,
Care, Share and Love, God’s words,
Let them be your words in your life on earth.

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