Make a sacrifice, serve humanity

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A Spirit World Message.

This morning I am reading the newspaper. I read about people who have gathered for a peaceful march downtown. They were gathered for a peaceful effort, protesting against unfair low wages, against land that was taken away from their families, land that was expropriated by the government for the urban settlement of the white population. I read that these human beings in their peaceful effort were arrested and incarcerated because it was a protest that did not comply with white regulations. These people made a sacrifice. They knew that by protesting they were disobeying the white minority and their governance, and they knew that they were to suffer, even by their nonviolent demonstration. My friend, that sacrifice and deed made headlines in the newspaper, and it made people reflect on human rights, fairness, justice and injustice.

The article I was reading was one of many that described the apartheid violence against human rights. In your daily life, I am quite sure that you make sacrifices; you offer your service for the wellbeing of others, you provide charity for the poor, for people who are suffering in your world, and you provide care for the elderly. We all make sacrifices when we have found that tune within ourselves, the tune of love for our fellow beings.

When you share something that is of benefit for others, you make a sacrifice; you give of yourself. The tune of love within creates a better world, even though you, in your own life with your own deeds, only see the small contribution you can give to others, but when people all over the world take part in this tune of love, all the sacrifices made are being poured into the ocean of love, from every small creek that eventually becomes the world’s love; people’s love for each other.

This tune of love within is a wonderful treasure that you nourish each time you perform a good deed, a sacrifice. We from this world, the world beyond, see the sacrifices of your world. When there is a sacrifice made, we see a beautiful light. By our spiritual sight, we can see another dimension of your world that is hidden to your physical eyes. Where there is violence, where there is inhumanity, where human rights are violated, there is darkness.

Heal your world by love, by sacrifices, and one day you will see the light that you made for others and yourself, the light of love that you spread on earth; a wonderful meadow of beautiful flowers created by your own good deeds.

Serve humanity. That is your mission on earth. It is your family, your fellow beings that you care for when you sacrifice yourself.

The treasure of love is within, heaven within that you build by your own sacrifices, by your good deeds, your love for humanity, your brothers and sisters on earth.

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