Let the tune of love fill your heart


A Spirit World Message.

All of a sudden,
A bird is outside the window of my cell at Robben Island,
A tune fills my heart,
A tune that is familiar,
The tune of a thrush, a cape rock thrush,
That gives my spirit the longing for freedom,
When listening to this beautiful sound.

I feel that I am in a cage.
By remembrance of birds imprisoned in cages,
I know their feeling, their longing for the freedom
To fly away, to give their love to their kin.

My friend, I feel like a cape rock thrush in a cage,
The tune of love, the tune of this bird,
Expresses itself through my being,
The love we have for each other.

This bird with its orange breast,
With the nice brown colours of its wings,
Looks at me and says to me:
My friend, I will fly out into the world and share your message of love,
I will fly out there for your freedom, for your love for us all.

It’s a wonderful communion of love that you can find with a bird,
A cape rock thrush, a friend for life,
A bird I met here in the world beyond, where we all are free,
Where we all can fly and share our love with our fellow beings,
Like the birds on earth.

Regard the birds with the sacred light you have within,
They are but one specimen of the Creator´s hands,
Come to earth by his love,
With wings to share their beautiful tunes of love with us,
So we can enjoy the creations above our heads and listen to their “silence”,
Their wings, when they fly out there and share their and our love throughout the world.

Let the tune of love fill your heart,
Let the tune of love express your own love for all living beings,
For the creation on earth,

Let your love find the wings of the birds so you can share your love with all.
This morning,
The cape rock thrush sings for me outside my window,
Here in the world beyond,
And it reminds me of my life on earth,
It reminds me of the thoughts that I had for this bird
Outside the window of my cage at Robben Island.
We share the company of each other,
We share the same love for each other.

Once again this little bird is singing for me,
Sharing its wisdom, its love, for me to learn, for me to enjoy,
God’s love that we both share, that we have within us,
The spirit of love.

All of a sudden,
The bird flies away to share its love, its tune, with another fellow being.
My friend, you do the same
And your heart will be filled with the tune of love,
God’s love, the spirit of love.

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