Let love prevail always


A Spirit World Message.

I hear children’s laughter,
I turn around and I see their smiles,
Children on their way to school,
Cheerful, filled with love,
Love for each other,
Love for the day,
Love for the school that brings joy to their lives.

Education for every child,
Boy or girl, a human right,
I hear the children singing the tune of love
When they walk to school.

A new day is born,
A new day at school,
A new lesson to learn,
A new letter,
A new word,
The teacher says to them:
Children, let love prevail always,
Have love in your hearts for each other.

Teach the children the beautiful poem of love,
Teach the children at home,
Teach the children at school,
Let life itself, your behaviour, your words, be filled with love.

A life in love for each other,
Brings harmony to the children,
Gives their minds the right attitude to life itself,
Born by love, taught by love, brought up by love.

Education throughout life for every soul,
Education built by human rights,
By the freedom to learn and to speak,
The ground, the common ground, for a world of love,
Let love prevail always,
Let love be your guidance,
Let love fill your heart for all living beings,
Humans, animals, for nature itself.

What a wonderful world you can create,
Heaven within you,
Heaven brought to life by your love,
Heaven on earth.

Follow the footsteps of your Creator, the light of love,
The unconditional love of the universe,
That gives you nutrition, warmth, and education through life itself.
I listen to the children, their joy and laughter that fill my heart with love,
The love that we give to them so that they return.

Life on earth, a wonderful school of life for you to master its passions, to learn about yourself, for you to explore the beauties of life, God’s love for all.

I recall my childhood in Qunu,
I recall my friends’ laughter,
I recall the joy and happiness we shared,
The brotherhood, the love for each other,
That reminds me again that love must always prevail,
The beauty that is born of love within.

Listen to the children
Who have the knowledge from heaven
Where they came from,
Listen to the children,
Let love prevail always.

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