Let Heaven descend upon earth

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A Spirit World Message.

Heaven is love,
Heaven within created by your love,
Heaven is a treasure,
A treasure you can build,
Care  Share – Love,
The building blocks of Heaven,
The elements of life itself.

I am speaking to you from the world beyond,
The hands of God have erected a Bridge of Love,
Built from his love for you all.

Communication between the planes of life,
Earth and Heaven, is made possible.
A challenge for you,
A challenge for us,
The Bridge of Love is real,
My words are real,
I am a reality.

Let Heaven descend upon earth.
We come to you with love,
Let our world be known to your mind,
A world beyond your physical sight,
A new dimension.

We come to you with the truth,
We come with the wisdom of life,
There is no death,
We are all eternal beings.

Let your love build the Bridge of Love,
The bridge between our two lands,
Let our wisdom descend upon Earth,
Our wisdom that can fulfil the creation of love.

Care – Share – Love
And you build heaven within yourself,
A light that will shine upon earth,
Heaven on earth is your love for each other,
Your own hands build Heaven on earth

Share and let your love bring the treasure,
Heaven of love on earth,
Let heaven descend upon earth through your own will,
Your free will,
God’s love for you all.

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