Join forces for a better world

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A Spirit World Message.

A creation made by love,
God’s love for you all,
Planet earth a reality,
Given life by your star, the sun,
All made, tuned in, by the forces of love.

Ebb and flow,
A wonderful marine life, your life brought about by the ocean,
Giving you water and food on the table,
All in its balance.

Ebb and flow in your life,
Internal and external forces,
A life where you are to choose right from wrong,
Your free will.

Captain of your own soul,
Master of your own fate,
There is high tide and low tide
In your life, in your world.

The force within, the power of love,
Can be born in your world for greater knowledge,
A better understanding, for joining the forces of love,
Creating a better world.

Your own gravity,
Can become in balance with the universal law,
So you can find your orbit like the moon that gives you
High tide, low tide.

Internal forces, your free will,
Right from wrong is your choice,
Heaven within, brought to life by your own choice,
By doing the right things in life.

My friend, you know what is right;
Care, share and love
That will make a better world
When you join the forces of love.

In my world, the world beyond,
We create heaven through love,
Let heaven come to earth,
Join the force of love,
A better place for everyone,
A better place for all children
All can join in this effort of love,
All can contribute and bring heaven to earth,
A better world,
A world made with love,

A creation brought to life for you to evolve,
To raise yourself and find the love within that you can share,
That you can bring to a higher level where all children are cared for,
All the children on earth.

Join this power of love today,
Bring your love out there into your world and create a meadow of lovely flowers,
God’s flowers on earth, your creation in God’s creation,

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