In Reconciliation you find Peace and your real self

Once in my life, I embarked on the road as an outlaw in my own country. They called me the black pimpernel because I was hiding, camouflaging myself so I could not be recognised as the real human being I was, as Nelson Mandela. It was that time of my life when I had to go underground due to the apartheid system, due to the fact that the authorities wanted me because, as a black man, I had broken their laws, their rules of racism between blacks and whites. I could not confine myself to such a narrow life, where I had to report my whereabouts to the police. At that time, I was held in custody by passport laws and banned enforcement. We were not actually held in custody, but that is how we felt when such laws were imposed upon us.

My friend, as an outlaw in my own country, as a black man who disobeyed the white rulers and an inhuman system, where human rights were distinguished, where human rights were not associated with the black population because we were second-hand citizens in our own country.

I was not at rest, not at peace with myself, in those years. We tried to reconcile, to find resolutions for bringing the system of apartheid to an end, but that was not in the sight of or in the minds of the white minority that ruled the country. Where you have such a distance between the oppressor and the reconciler, it is difficult to find peace, to find reconciliation. We came to the white government with our bare hands, asking for equal rights between the whites and the blacks. We came in the spirit of non-violence. We came to reconcile at that time, but the peace that we were searching for was not obtainable in that period because of the distance between the apartheid system and ourselves.

During this period, there was a fence between the blacks and the whites. It took many years to tear this fence down and three decades before we could meet the oppressor on equal terms for reconciliation. It gave us hope for a new life, hope for a better future, hope for a democratic society where human rights were based on equality, where racism had been banned, and where we could see each other as brothers and sisters regardless of skin colour. My friend, reconciliation requires tolerance and patience, even though it seems impossible to obtain, even though it seems impossible to tear the fence down. Time itself brings new ideas, new support and better conditions. It creates a better view and a new fundament.

Time is evolution. Time is a universal aspect of material life. Time has within itself a tremendous force because within this power, there is love from the Almighty Spirit. The United Nations can use time and negotiations as a guiding principle based on care and love for every individual present in today’s world conflicts. The United Nations should be the prolonged arm of the Almighty Spirit that employs only love as the creative force. As a reconciler, you find your real self; you find the spirit within, the spirit of God.

Wars must be banned by the United Nations because God bans wars. In God’s heart, there is only unconditional love that has no time, an ever-present force that can be employed where there is conflict. Justice must prevail but to obtain a peaceful reconciliation; one must care for every brother and sister, and one must share and bring the fundament for livelihood. Deprivation can be eradicated by the United Nations by having the same objective for all nations to reconcile for past mistakes. Every one of the world’s nations can reconcile and bring peaceful solutions to every conflict. There is no single conflict that cannot be solved through reconciliation, justice and love, not a single conflict in your world. Join in this effort to reconcile and find your real self, the spirit of love that you were born with that gave you life on earth.

Uncontrolled selfishness is a major obstacle among the world’s leaders to fight for what is mine and not for the world. From this side of life, we see all the bloodshed and violent conflicts due to man’s ignorance and selfish desire. We who come to you are still alive, we who once walked upon the earth plane. We know all about earthly life, and we see the terrible conditions of misfortune that people’s selfish desires of political leaders bring to the world and themselves. They don’t know the truth of life, that there is no death, that what they acquire on the earth plane is not for our world, the world beyond where love is foremost.

Through reconciliation, you can create peace on earth and find your real self, your eternal self.

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