I deeply regret the armed struggle


A Spirit World Message.

A sorrowful remembrance, a sorrowful day. The shootings and killings in Sharpeville gave me deep sorrow within my heart. I had been told that the South African police force had slaughtered people attending a peaceful demonstration, a protest march that was brought into being due to the passport laws made by the oppressor, the South African Government, a legislation for the black people of South Africa to further increase segregation between whites and blacks. It was an inhuman legislation brought about by apartheid.

The ANC was a nonviolent organisation and pursued the dignity of all races. The ANC saw men and women of all races as equal. Equality and a dignified human life for all was our objective, and this formed the fundament and the heart of our organisation.

The Sharpeville massacre made me sorrowful and furious and even more determined to fight the apartheid regime. It was a human reaction, but I made a terrible mistake in fighting violence with violence. At that time I could no longer see the strength and the power of nonviolence, which had been broken by the South African government and its police force so many times. The apartheid regime turned the black population into secondclass citizens with no rights, no human rights and no human dignity. The oppressor brought to life the wrath of human nature.

My friend, you who read these lines, you should know that I would never embark on such an armed struggle today, even though in our lenient behaviour we still sought to carry out sabotage on targets of the material kind. There is always a potential and possibility for the loss of lives. We in the MK were of the opinion at that time that guerrilla warfare was an option that we would pursue if sabotage gave no results. I, as the commander in chief, was instrumental in bringing such thoughts of response to the oppression of the South African government.

When I look upon these thoughts from this side of life, thoughts of hatred for the system of apartheid, thoughts of retaliation, of making our freedom a reality, I realise I did not see the consequences, the loss of lives of many men, women and children. I have another view now as a spirit where my physical flesh has turned to dust. I see from this side of life that nonviolence is the only path towards freedom, because nonviolence is love for your neighbour and also your enemies, the oppressor.

I spent 27 years in prison. This was a waste of time that I could have used for a nonviolent life in the ANC organisation. The ANC committee was against the armed struggle and the establishment of the MK as an armed wing of the ANC. I was warned by Chief Albert Luthuli and Moses Konane and others about the consequences, but I was deaf. I would not listen to the speeches of nonviolence when the oppressor used violence against peaceful demonstrations.

I see now that sanctions by the international community bear more fruit, have much more strength, than guerrilla warfare, than the armed struggle ever could have accomplished itself, because the international community became aware and saw that apartheid was inhuman and an extreme violation of human rights. The consciousness of the world knew better. It realised the antagonism of the apartheid system, of dictatorship and inhuman systems that suppress basic human rights.

Mahatma Gandhi used nonviolence in his struggle against colonialism, against the British rule of India, for the freedom of his people. Martin Luther King Jr. and Chief Albert Luthuli embraced the same nonviolent principle in their fight for freedom.

In my late days on the earth plane, in my physical flesh, I looked back upon my life. I realised that I had made a great mistake in life by using force, by entering into the path of guerrilla warfare. I truly apologize to all the men, women and children that I made suffer due to my ignorance of good advice from nonviolent predecessors.

I urge all of you who are oppressed to use the pathway of God, the nonviolent pathway, the pathway of love for your brothers and sisters, your family on the earth plane.

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