A child born, God’s child, your child with the same rights as yourself – a future of dignity, equality, sustainability, development, education, and security. People take these human rights for granted if not exposed to conflict areas or climate intervention destroying fertile soil by drought or flood.

The United Nations human rights declaration, is a declaration of your rights to free speech and a decent life. Democracy is the key to attaining human rights for all.

We who come to you from the spirit world have free speech. No one can hinder us from expressing our true opinion because we live according to democratic principles – God’s will and law in the spirit world.

We care for every soul. That is our obligation, as it is the obligation of the United Nations, to care for every soul on earth as it is for you to care for your fellow beings.

Human rights are the pilar for humanity.

God bless you all.

Human Rights Day, 10 December – United Nations.

Universal Human Rights Declaration

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