Health and care for all


A Spirit World Message.

A healthy and prosperous life,
A dream for many people.
Care for your fellow beings,
Bring good health through your love.

Your spiritual self is here on earth to grow,
To raise itself spiritually.
Then, you gain wisdom of your real self,
A wisdom that will influence your whole being.

Heal yourself,
It’s difficult to comprehend, when on earth,
A knowledge in the world beyond.
Create harmony in your lives,
Provide care for people in need,
Give medical assistance, medical care,
It is all given for you to heal yourself and others.

A prosperous life,
A dream for many people.
You can share your love,
You can care and provide health.

Your world society,
The United Nations, has an obligation,
To people who suffer,
To people with no healthcare,
Children in poor countries, undeveloped places in your world,
Where water is deteriorating due to pollution from industries
That in their selfish desire gain more profit
And close their eyes to the misfortunate children.

Challenges are there in your world for you to solve
Through care, through a healthy environment,
Health and care for every child, every individual on earth,
Every one of you has a responsibility to act,
To protest against inhumanity due to a lack of regulation of the world’s society.

Care for every soul,
You are all the same, regardless of position and wealth,
You are all the same,
God does not differentiate,
You do the same things.

Health and care for all.

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