Have faith in God


A Spirit World Message.

There is one God
That is love, the wisdom,
The power that gives life,
That created all there is by His love for us all.

Religions share one common objective in life,
The fundament of your self,
Have faith in God,
Have faith in love.

Why do you fight the power behind yourself?
How can you fight the source of life, love itself?
Religions have one common ground and that is love,
God is this power,
The unconditional love of the universe.

Stop fighting each other in the name of religion,
You are all the same; you are all children of the same Creator,
Regardless of belief, regardless of religion,
When you bring love to your fellow beings, to any child on earth, you are a messenger of love,
A messenger of God.

You who fight your fellow beings, you have gone astray,
You have lost sight of the light that shines upon you every day,
God’s power that gives you nutrition for life.

Nelson Mandela is speaking to you from the world beyond,
Reconcile, my friends, reconcile with your brothers and sisters,
Seek forgiveness, find the truth.
God is love and to be in his kingdom of love,
Your mission is to care, share and love.

Have faith in love,
Have faith in God,
That is where you find peace,
That is where you build heaven within,
The paradise you will meet on this side of life one day,
The paradise you can create on earth brought to life by love,
Not by fighting each other.

Cruelty and slaughter bring disaster to your own mind,
Create your own hell, on earth as in my world,
Your traumas become a reality on this side of life.
Reconcile, my friend, find the truth, and seek forgiveness when on earth,
Help your adversaries as you help your comrades; they are all your friends
Regardless of beliefs, creed and religious dogmas or ethnic belongings.
The same spirit of love created you all,
Brought you here to this plane of life to learn,
to raise yourself spiritually,
To find the seed of love that keeps your heart running every day,
The unconditional love of your Creator, the Almighty Spirit.

It is not too late,
Have faith in God,
Turn yourself to the power of love within
And the light will shine in front of you, God’s light,
And give you a new path in life,
The path to the kingdom of love.
Have faith, my friend, have faith in God, and trust in the spirit of love,
The unconditional love of the universe.

No one is forgotten,
You shall all one day become part of the light of love,
Even the spirit with the lowest spirituality will one day see the light,
And shall climb to the highest,
And we shall all rejoice.

Let love be your path in life, love for all.
Become love yourself and you are one with God,
Have faith, my friend.

God is always there waiting for your call,
Your prayers are being listened to when you have love in your heart.

Leave your selfish desires behind
And your spirit of love will emerge and be a light for others.
A wonderful mission is there for you, a mission of love on earth.

Remember, love made us all.
Let us all fulfil the creation that was brought to life for us,
The creation of love, Planet Earth, your life, one world, our world.

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