God’s wisdom is alive on earth as in heaven


A Spirit World Message.

We are alive,
In another dimension, another world.
I am here as a messenger from the world beyond,
A messenger of reconciliation.

The truth of life is born before your eyes
Every time a new child is born,
Every springtime,
When you see new life in nature,
Returning to you in all its beauties, blooming for your eyes,
An infant, human or animal,
With eyes to see,
With ears to listen,
With a nose to smell,
With a mouth to eat and give you words of love.

God’s wisdom is alive
But you close your eyes to the wisdom within,
The wisdom of love
That gave you birth,
That keeps your heart running,
Beats of love, God’s love.

God’s wisdom is alive on earth,
Truly alive for your physical sight,
God’s wisdom revealed to you in all its splendour,
In its creation of love,
God’s wisdom made visible to you.
Thoughts of love give peace of mind,
Thoughts of love create paradise within you,
Heaven on earth,
Your love, your tranquillity,
Peace of mind is your treasure.

Know God’s truth, life itself,
The wisdom of life,
Brought to life on earth as in heaven.

Truth and reconciliation,
For you to redeem yourself,
For you to seek forgiveness,
For you to see God’s wisdom in reality.
Truth and reconciliation,
Reconcile and find the love that brought you here to earth,
The wisdom of God.

We share the wisdom, the truth, of life,
We care for you,
We love you,
You are our brothers and sisters,
We are all children of God,
Built by the same elements of the universe,
The building blocks of God;
Care  Share  Love,
Find the truth,
God’s wisdom is alive on earth as in heaven.

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