Freedom for every soul

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A Spirit World Message.

I am listening,
It is getting closer,
I am listening,
People are dancing; there is joy and happiness,
I can hear the tune of love, people singing,
Freedom at last,
A wonderful tune expressed with the drum,
The heartbeats of love.

Freedom for all,
Freedom for every soul,
A human right,
Fulfilled by love.

In your world, people are incarcerated due to their opinions, their thoughts expressed in speech.
Many countries in your world prohibit freedom of words,
Words for democracy,
Freedom of the soul.
People are crushed, abused, due to their religions and beliefs,
Leaders who are afraid of the truth torment people.

The wisdom of God, the knowledge of the truth itself,
Is hidden behind bars, like the bird in the cage
Waiting to send its tunes of love to the world.
The United Nations
Can set free that tune of love.

People do not know themselves,
People do not know their real selves,
The spirit of love that they can find when they release the tune of love.
Let us find freedom for all,
Freedom for every soul,
So we can all fly out there into the world,
To every country, to every soul, and share God’s love, our love, with each other.

Let us all rejoice and listen to the drum of the universe,
The heartbeats of God,
The heartbeats of love.

My friend, join these heartbeats,
The heartbeats of love, and you become love yourself,
God’s wisdom, God’s love.

I listen to the singing,
The dancing, the joy and happiness of the people who are free,
I listen to their freedom,
Freedom for all.

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