Eradicate poverty

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A Spirit World Message.

A small hand is touching your face,
A small hand needs your help,
A child in poverty,
A child who tries to smile,
Trying to find the power within to share the love from his heart,
That child is trying to tell you that he is coming to you with heavenly love,
Trying to say to you that his heartbeats are of God.

My mouth is dry,
My mother has no milk,
The child holds out his hands and embraces you, asking for your care,
Asking for your love.

So many people in your world hold out their hands for help,
And people close their eyes,
Even the United Nations, the collaborator for world peace and for preventing poverty.

I see a world where the sufferer is there, brought to life on your television screens,
He is not hidden; he is alive
Where are you?
Where is the aid?
Sleeping in its wealth!
Gold and diamonds gather dust
While people are in hunger, while people die due to the ignorance of the wealthy.

Listen to me, United Nations,
I am calling you from the world beyond.
This is Nelson Mandela,
I am speaking to you from the world’s podium,
Eradicate poverty!
You have the means; it is all about will,
The ability to find work, assistance for agriculture, for farming, to create livelihoods,
All is there.
What are you waiting for?
You, who sit in comfortable positions in the United Nations having your three meals a day,
Come to your senses.

Give the world pictures of the sufferer.
Bring to attention the disasters of your world, the misery and the abuse, so people can open their eyes and protest, so they can raise their voices for political leaders to take action.

Don´t be blindfolded, bring the truth forward.

Millions upon millions are in hunger, due to a lack of resources that you in the United Nations can provide. That is love, to care and share.

Mr President of the United Nations, you can eradicate poverty today!

It is a human right. Fill that human right with love, so you can tell the child who touched your face:
I will help you,
I will protect you,
I will provide an equitable life for you, my friend.

United Nations,
Then you are God’s hands on earth.

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