Equality for all


A Spirit World Message.

Nature gives you life,
Nature reveals to you the beauties of life,
Nature gives you the rainbow,
A beautiful sight, a creation brought to life by nature itself,
Its varieties, its distinct colours, are a reflection of God’s image.

God created all humans alike,
God’s love is for everyone, and God does not differentiate,
You have all been given this home, Mother Earth,
On equal terms.

In love you find tolerance, you find patience,
In love there is care,
In love you share,
When you care, share and love you are the hands of God on earth.

The rainbow of colours,
A creation of love where all contribute to the tune of love,
God’s love is for everyone, regardless of religion, gender, race,
Regardless of sexual orientation,
As long as you find love between brothers and sisters,
You are all embraced by God’s love.

A child needs a mother and a father to be born on earth,
There are tremendous numbers of children who suffer,
Who have lost their parents,
Care for these children, give them a home,
Let them find equality in life, an equitable life.
As you are able to give love, then my friend, you can care for a child.
Let us bring equality to the children of the earth plane,
Let us give them a prosperous future,
The Almighty Spirit forgets no one.

Everyone has a right to a sustainable life,
To be cared for, to be protected, to find security in their life here on earth.
Every one of you can give of yourself; can contribute to a better world,
A more equal world,
Equality for all.

So many children, men and women suffer due to inhumanity,
Due to lack of care,
Due to misuse of power,
Due to egocentric behaviour.

Share the wealth and resources of your world for a better life for all.
My freedom gave me equality through democracy,
Where all races were made equal,
A human right for all,
Equality for all.

So many people in your world suffer due to inequality.
I urge the United Nations to take a firm stand for equal rights, for the manifestation of this right as a shelter for all.

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