Dogmas of religions


A Spirit World Message.

Religions and their belief systems have caused misery in the past and do even today. Many religious dogmas bring misconstrued conceptions that are far from God’s unconditional love.

I once said that I was a Methodist; another time I expressed the opinion that religious belief was a private affair. I said it was better to keep one’s beliefs private and not offend other people’s beliefs.

Dogmas have been written in the scriptures from ancient times; it would certainly be wrong to take a stand and try to convince people of sayings that have no scientific proof of truth itself.

When I come to you, when I come and speak to you from the afterlife through the medium in Trance, I can say it is the truth, but like the scriptures, it would be a belief until scientific proof had confirmed my sayings as honest words. So the question is: Is it I, Nelson Mandela, who is speaking through the medium? How can you know that I am truly the one Mandela whose feet walked on the earth plane? If there is no proof of this, then that is a belief as well, similar to the religious dogmas.

But let me turn to you with another aspect, which is logic and reasoning, because what I am telling you has the fundament of love only. There is nothing in what I am saying, nothing that I bring to you through this medium in Trance that cannot be verified in respect of your intelligence.

When there is love, it is the truth. When you know that God is the love that you can perceive from nature itself, you will also understand that truth itself is love. Many of the sayings you find in the scriptures do not have love as their fundament, love for your neighbour, for your brothers and sisters. So when you read the dogmas of your religion, then where there is love, there is truth. Anything else leads you astray, away from the truth. God is unconditional love. That is the truth itself.

Do I believe in God? Yes, I do, and I did on the earth plane. I knew that my soul had been carried towards God’s oneness of love through my forgiveness, through the peace that I wanted to share with my oppressor, through love and reconciliation, through finding a common ground for a democratic society where human rights are respected, where people can live on equal terms, with respect for each other regardless of creed, race or sex.

My main motive in life was to create God’s love on earth through peace, through reconciliation. Based on this I knew that I would find peace of mind, that my soul of love would create heaven within me because my love for you is my heaven. That is according to logic and reasoning, and according to man´s intellectual capacity to know the truth of life when on earth.

My friend, I come to you with the truth that I give through this lecture. I appeal to your sense, your logic, and reasoning. God’s love is brought to life for you in nature. Something cannot come from nothing. It has been created, and it has been created in love as you can see with your physical sight, the beauties that have been given, nature revealed in all its colourful creations brought to life by the elements of the universe, the building blocks of nature itself, the building blocks of God and his love for you all.

Love is my religion, love for every soul. No need for dogmas, only love. Amen.

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