Create harmony


A Spirit World Message.

The wisdom of life,
The wisdom of your self,
God’s love, the spirit of love,
A universal knowledge, brought to your senses,
Given to you every day by nature,
Let this wisdom be your self, your life,
Your harmony in life.

The disharmony in your world,
Created by selfishness,
By misdeeds,
By immorality,
By inequality 
Man’s creation in this material life.

Man and Woman,
A life on equal terms,
A love that creates harmony,
That brings a new child,
That can see a new world,
That can bring harmony,
The love from heaven to earth
Born by love,
Created by the universal elements of life,
The next generation.

One family,
God’s family on earth,
The humanity to care for each other,
To share its resources,
To enjoy nature, to enjoy life,
To conquer the passions of the material life,
To raise oneself spiritually,
Towards the oneness of love,
The oneness of the Creator.

Create harmony, your mission,
Make the orchestra of life play the tunes of love,
So you can fulfil the earthly song,
The children’s song, the beauty of love,
Heaven to earth brought to you by your love,
By your wish for harmony.

A beautiful land,
Climate change for you to rectify,
The land of God, the lovely nature cared for,
The nature in harmony with you.

Fulfil the creation of love
That you have been given,
That you are here to learn from,
Life, your life,
A creation of love,
Built in harmony,
Built by love.

I saw a life,
I saw a people in disharmony,
I saw what love and peace can bring to my family, your family,
By reconciliation,
By love for your fellow beings,
So we all can live on this planet earth in harmony,
Joy and happiness,
Brought to life by ourselves,
By our love for each other.

Create a harmonious life,
Find the light of love within you,
And give this light to your family and your fellow beings.
Then, you heal yourself, and you take part in the healing of your world,
The only path to heaven within,
The only path to God’s wisdom,
God’s consciousness of love, and his oneness with you and your world.

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