Children´s Paradise

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A Spirit World Message.

God´s love is for everyone,
God´s love is unconditional,
You are all born to this earth as children of love,
God´s love brought to life on earth,
Your life is his love, his creation.
That is you, my friend.

Heaven is within,
Heaven is love, God’s love,
Build heaven on earth,
That is your paradise,
Brought to life by your love for Mother Earth.

God created Mother Earth,
For you to learn and enjoy life,
For you to find its beauties, its creations of love,
For you to comprehend life, yourself.
The kingdom of love, heaven within,
Will not come to your senses, before
You open heaven’s door as a child.

Children´s Paradise is where
The light of love shines for eternity,
Children´s Paradise is where
You become love yourself,
Children´s Paradise is for the children of God,
And haven´t I told you that you are a child of God?

When you have become love yourself,
You have the key to open that door,
Love for your fellow beings opens the door to
Children´s Paradise

I sit here and listen to children’s laughter,
To the play of children,
I see them out there in the meadow of flowers,
Holding each other’s hands, smiling and cheerful, There is love, peace and happiness in this place
With the children of God, such a wonderful place.

Imagine this place in your mind,
A place where there is tranquillity,
Where all your needs will be fulfilled,
Your eternal needs,
The needs of the spirit to be in oneness of God,
To be in true felicity with your own soul,
You have the key!

Children that come to this side of life,
They are cared for,
And they are here in the paradise of love,
A paradise that is open for all who fill themselves with love, with care, with happy tears.

I sit here and enjoy such lovely harmony.
Tears of joy are running down my face.
A place where we feel at one with our Creator,
Children’s Paradise,
His creation, our creation
That became a reality due to our love for each other.
True peace in the consciousness of love and harmony.
Children´s Paradise is true harmony,
A wonderful peaceful place of joy.

Build heaven within,
Create the paradise of love when on earth,
and it becomes a reality on this side of life.
Enter Children’s Paradise with love,
And you are truly in oneness with your Creator,
The Almighty Spirit.

A world of suffering, a world in misery,
Due to man’s ignorance, due to man’s lack of wisdom, God’s wisdom,
That has been revealed every day in all times,
And people do not learn from their mistakes.

Create a peaceful world with our knowledge,
The wisdom that we bring to you,
So you can create Children’s Paradise on earth,
So no child needs to suffer,
So all the children of the earth can find peace
And happiness, joy in their lives.

All children were born in love,
Brought to life on earth to give of themselves,
To share their resources,
To give their love
That they received from the Almighty Spirit.

My friend, it is time for action,
It is time to turn around
And create Children’s Paradise on earth,
Through your love for all.

Let our wisdom of love become reality to you.
So you can turn the swords of the world
Into ploughs of God’s love.
The world beyond is real, a reality.
Mirror this knowledge to your world
And heaven will descend within and open a new world, a world of love and peace.

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