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A Spirit World Message.

I once said when on earth, that “education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world”. This is a wellknown expression from my sayings, and it is a truth of life. However, this truth itself has not been born of the fundamental knowledge of life that there is no death, that I who speak to you from the world beyond am still alive. There is not a single university on the earth plane, to my knowledge, that has this truth as part of their curriculum, as part of their credentials, the courses they offer their students for education. Of course, the truth of life, survival of the soul, has due to science and history been defined as witchery. Death and life have belonged to the church where theology has not been scientifically proven, and the most fundamental truth of life is not part of the world’s education.

It is time for change, it is time to investigate, to bring the financial fundament for exploring the truth itself, that we who come here to commune are more alive than you yourself, yes, even more alive. We are more than you can perceive and understand with your physical eyes. We are real and are here to educate you, to change the world, to make your world a better place, to bring our wisdom of love to you, to every one of you.

Throughout history, people who had connections to us were defined as witches and brought to death by burning by the churches, and even today in the name of religion, crucifixion takes place, if I may use that term as an analogy for the slaughter, the inhumanity and the savage behaviour that persist today. Human rights are severely violated in many places on earth due to miscomprehensions and the untrue dogmas of religions. It is not my opinion of what is happening in your world, it is given to you in the world’s newspapers and on your television sets in your own homes, the cruelty of your world.

Isn´t it about time to make a change? Isn´t it about time that the religions of your world find the truth of life, the proven truth? The truth that there is no death, that we who come to you, we come to you with love, to teach you that love is foremost, that love can heal your world, can heal your religions, regardless of what you have been taught from birth, the religion that you belong to, because you received your religion depending on where you were born and what teachings you were brought up with.

Change – know the truth, the truth about yourself, that you are a spirit of God, as is everyone, regardless of religion, creeds and dogmas. You are all children of the same Creator, and no belief system will change this fact of life. Love is the fundamental principle of life, and you were created by this power yourself. You were brought to this earth by this force, the spirit of love.

Education can bring about change to your world that will release people from the chains of past history. The freedom to think and act with the truth of life as the fundament will change your world, will change you, because truth is education, the most powerful weapon there is to create a better life for all. God’s love is unconditional; God’s love is for every soul on earth. In heaven there is brotherhood, there is love for your neighbour, love is our fundamental principle and life. Let our wisdom be your education, to change your world, to heal your world.

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