Care – Share & Love

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A Spirit World Message.

The book, Poems of Love from Heaven that was communicated through White Bear, inspired me for this poem.

A gentle breeze
Meets my face, meets my entire body,
A gentle breeze that reminds me about Robben Island,
When we worked for our daily bread,
When we were so fortunate that we were close to the sea,
When the scent of nature, the blue ocean itself, brought its love to us.

Care for your fellow beings.
We cared for our inmates,
A true fellowship in the spirit of freedom,
The freedom that we all love,
That we all want to share with our fellow beings.

Freedom is a human right,
Do not violate this asset of life.
Share your resources; share the bread of the day,
As you learned from Christ to break the bread, his love for his fellow beings,
Let that be your love for your brothers and sisters.

Christ, an ordinary man,
A man of love, a man who cared,
A man who shared what he had.
Let his love be your love,
Turn yourself into love and become the love of Christ.
Love your enemies,
Love your neighbour,
Become as one, in the unity of love.

Many prophets gave you these words
Care – Share – Love
I was neither a saint, nor a prophet,
But I repeat the same words,
Care – Share – Love

When on earth you can make a difference,
You can make the world a better place when you employ the
Words in action
Beautiful words,
Let them be real and alive in your daily life.

These words are as old as the universe itself,
Eternal words
God’s words, your words, your life.
Become love, become as Christ,
Let his light of love bring you the wisdom within,
So you can build heaven,
The treasure of love when on earth, as Christ did.

An ordinary man filled with love.
We are all ordinary people, ordinary men and women,
We can all reach that spiritual life
Where we become love ourselves.
Then, you are one with God and his wisdom,
The beauty of life.

In the oneness of God,
You will find your treasure
The beauty within you,
Care – Share – Love,
Let that be your life, your mission on earth.

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