Beautify your soul; it is all that is everlasting


A Spirit World Message.

I am meditating. I am in my cell on Robben Island where I used to meditate daily to be in oneness with my inner self, the spirit of God, my soul. When I meditated in my cell, I saw a bright light within, I felt the presence of God, and I felt his comfort in my deepest moments of despair. It was a difficult time, in the absence of my family, children and wife. The remembrance of them and their visits, which were far apart due to regulations, gave me strength. The bright light was my communion with God and my family. At that time I asked myself several times, and that I can assure you: Had I made the right decision to fight for freedom for my brothers and sisters, for the children of South Africa? Did I make the right decision against apartheid, to fight against the system where segregation and human rights had been grossly violated and taken from the nonwhite people? My mind being in the presence of this bright light of love raised my spiritual being, my spiritual life and oneness with the Creator. The inner communication with this light of love gave me new insight into life itself, told me that one day I would see freedom for my people through peace and reconciliation. That bright light showed me the way, the only way that can ever bring peace on earth.

When I was imprisoned I was told, by messengers of love, the truth of life that there is no death, that they themselves had experienced the earthly life, that they knew all about the apartheid system that I had been fighting against, and that I knew within me that the armed struggle was a failure, that the armed struggle had brought me to the condition I found myself in. You who are listening to me, who read these lines, have trust in my spirit, my eternal self. I truly learned that love for my enemies would open the gateway for reconciliation. My morals, my inner quality of love, would open the door for a new era of freedom for my people.

This bright light of love brought me the wisdom to beautify my own soul, to release myself from anger, to release the conflicts within myself, to open the path for reconciliation, for negotiations in a peaceful manner. Believe me, that was a struggle I had to bear in my 27 years of imprisonment. My moral conduct, my moral expression in my later years, was brought to me by this light of love that I experienced within me on Robben Island, and which gave me the wisdom of life, of God, and the heaven that I was to create within through reconciliation and love for my people, for my brothers and sisters regardless of colour and creed. There is no racism in this bright light of love, there is no egoism, and there is no room for armed struggle, there is only love and peace.

It became clear to me that I was captain of my own soul, and a messenger myself, who for a while had gone astray, but was brought back to the only path to peace and love by the Almighty Spirit and my friends on this side of life. Your eternal self is the only thing that is everlasting. What you make out of your life on earth, you will bring to this side of life. The beauty of love that you can create within you is your heaven both on earth and in this life, where I am speaking to you from, the world beyond the earth plane, where you all one day shall arrive regardless of religion, creed and dogmas, and regardless of your position in life. Make sure that you bring a beauty to this life, because that will be your heaven that you can enjoy, and that you can give to my world.

I sit here and look back on my life on earth, the traces I gave to my family, the next generation, and what I see is the beautiful love, the meadow of flowers that I left you all, a garden for reconciliation and peace where God’s love is present and there for you to expand to every corner of your world.

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