Be a light of love for others


A Spirit World Message.

A light of love seen from the world beyond,
A butterfly exploring the world,
A pupa revealing itself as a beauty created by love,
A pupa that needs to develop for a new life as a butterfly.

The light of love shines upon you,
The creative force that brings nature alive,
The truth of life.
Be the light of love, become a beautiful butterfly.
A sight of such beauty makes people turn around,
Asking themselves: Can I be that beauty?
Can I be that light of love that shines upon earth,
The light of God?

My struggle for freedom on earth feels like the life of a butterfly,
A life in struggle, a life in patience, a life where love creates freedom at last.
Be a light of love for others,
Reveal the truth that there is life after the death of the physical self,
Like the butterfly that turned itself into a spirit of love,
Developing itself, like you in this school of life.
One day, you will become a beauty, when you have accomplished your work,
In your school of life on earth.

Life is here for you to master,
Life is here to give birth to a new life,
Life is here for you to develop,
Life is here for you to find the love of your Creator.
Be that light for others, that light of love
That cares, that brings comfort, that shares,
That finds its harmony, your own heaven,
Your oneness with God,
The love of life that created you,
That created everything.

From the world beyond, we see the light of love in many places in your world. Let your love become part of God’s meadow of flowers on earth, so the butterfly can fly hither and thither and give its love, your love, to the children of earth, so that all have the seed within that one day can blossom thanks to your love.

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