A spirit world message from Nelson Mandela.

My government, the apartheid government in South Africa, was an oppressor, a dictatorship, similarly to your government, the kleptocratic system you are exposed to in your everyday life.

You do not have freedom of speech but imprisoned conscience.
The propaganda given in the Russian news channels is not the truth but made up by your government to suppress you, the people.
It is an act of selfishness, part of the kleptocratic system.

The oppressor in South Africa had the same manners; – an inhuman way of life towards their black citizens. I am sure that the Russian people would like a democratic system based on human dignity, welfare for all, – prosperity for the people.

Mr Putin, your dictator, and his comrades are running Russia based on self-interest, not the people’s interest, your children, the next generation.

My brothers and sisters of Russia; You can do something about your government, your way of living, your life. You can protest against the invasion, the war towards Ukraine, a fight towards a democratic system, an opponent to your government, a peace-loving people like you. You can protest in millions of fellow citizens, as we decently did in South Africa, in a nonviolent manner because, as people, you have more strength than your government. You can win against the brutality of your leaders who imprison people of democratic values. You can end the war Mr Putin initiated towards Ukraine.

Noble lives, decent lives, lives where your voice can speak up freely; that is democracy – the good values of life.

Be responsible as people. Behave responsibly. Cast aside the selfishness and the inhuman atrocities your government inflict upon the Russian people, causing devastation in Ukraine – horrible acts of people in leadership. They are not born to be your leaders. Leaders are born by human decency, responsible manners, leaders who let the people come first, not themselves.

In time, Russia can become a democratic society, a democratic country. Your generation can take the first step.

You who read my sayings; read carefully. We fought the apartheid system in South Africa gently, with decency, with responsibility. People come first. Let that be your way of solving the Russian aggression towards Ukraine.

Peace be with you. Have God in your hearts. Love is all that matters.

We salute you, the Russian people and the Ukrainian people as one in this world where all are brothers and sisters. We are all God’s children.

“A free democratic Russia” should be your slogan.

God bless you all.

NONVIOLENCE – The Strongest Weapon by Nelson Mandela in Spirit.

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