A Spirit World Message.

Where is heaven?

My Friend, heaven is within you. When you were born you received the seed of love from the Almighty Spirit, a seed to nourish, a seed to foster, to bring alive in your world, the seed of love. That seed is your spirit, the foundation of your self that keeps your physical being alive. It is God-given, given to every soul for a life here on the earth plane.

When I opened my eyes in this world beyond your sight, the day I left the earth plane, a day in December in the year of 2013, I had lived on earth for 95 years. In earthly time that seems a long life. But when you come to this world, beyond the earth, you see that life is a neverending story, is everlasting, because we are of God. His hands created us. We were brought alive by the power of love.

I left my physical flesh, entered into a new dimension of life, because none of us can really die; that is an earthly term. We are still alive. I am speaking through the medium in Trance, where my thoughts are brought to life by his words. His mother tongue is Norwegian and through his earthly life he has learned the English language. I am using his vocabulary, and I am using his subconscious to transfer my thoughts to you that are alive today as they were on the earth plane. Thoughts are substance; they are more real than you can ever understand in you earthly life. You know that Telepathy is real and that should give you a sign that there is more to life than you can comprehend and perceive in your material aspect of life.

The transition of death from earth to the world beyond is as smooth as a bird that picks a seed from a tree and flies away, because I feel like a bird when I tell you about the transition from death to life. DEATH IS AN ILLUSION.

People of the earth have learned through religions that people rest in peace, that we turn into sleeping beings. My friend, I can assure you that we do not sleep in my world, we are alive, more alive than ever before, because our soul is free from the shackles of the earth, from the material life, from our physical bodies.

What a wonderful world your blue planet is created by love, created by the Almighty Spirit, for you to learn, for you to enjoy life, for you to master the passions of the earth plane, of the material life – a wonderful learning ground, the school of life.

When I closed my eyes, I transcended to a new dimension of life. I was met by my loved ones, by my family, by friends that I didn´t know on the earth plane, friends who had cared for me, who had influenced my life so I could stand up and bear the struggle, so I could achieve the moral position, the love for my fellow beings, truly the path to heaven within oneself, the heaven I met when I closed the door to my earthly life.

My name is Rolihlahla Madiba Mandela; an earthly name. I am the spirit of my self that was born on the earth plane for a mission of love. My world is beyond your senses of understanding, the world that I live within now, the kingdom of love that is open for everyone, that fills their hearts with love for their fellow beings. I am alive, I am watching you. I am watching the conduct of your world leaders. I want you all to know that there is no death, that we are all alive, all of us who have left the earth plane.

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