A new world comes into sight


A Spirit World Message.

My mind has brought me to a beautiful place on earth. My thoughts, my remembrance of my childhood, have brought me to Qunu. I can see my mother waiting for me there in the home where I used to live as a child. My mother embraces me, holds me in her arms. She says to me, “Oh my Rolihlahla, I have been waiting for you”. This place that I was so fond of gave me safety that embraced my spirit in full. As I am there being held by my mother, I once again feel the warmth of my earthly life. Once again I feel the goodness, the beauty that cared for me, that gave me life.

My upbringing as a child was in her hands and I had a wonderful thought of love melting us together as one, as we once were when alive on the earth plane. A new world came into sight: what I had used as a playground had become the most beautiful adventure. The remembrance of my home had been brought into a state of no decay, of such a beauty that tears ran down my cheeks. The grace of this place was of such colours that I could not at first believe it was true, because it was beyond my comprehension of earthly beauty. The green foliage, the loveliness of our home, similar to the home I had been raised within, had been refurbished into such brightness and in such a manner that it took my breath away.

My mother had gained her youth back; she said to me that there is no need to be an elderly woman on this side of life. Her beauty astonished me. Let me show you your new world, my child, she said to me. As we were walking in the old familiar places, we met friends and family members who had passed away a long time before I came. There is love between friends and families in the afterlife, friendship and kindness there is love among neighbours.

We came to a hillside and beyond this height I saw a vast city of such bright splendour, such beautiful colours, that I became astounded, it was an amazing sight. And when we walked towards that wonderful city I met my family and children who had left the earth. I embraced my son, Thembi, who had been killed in a car accident. I embraced my whole family. We shared a wonderful feeling of love, recollecting memories, sharing joy and also the sorrowful moments of the earthly life. Social gatherings in the afterlife are not very different from on earth where you come together as friends sharing pleasure and delight. This new world, this new city that I have now approached, that I am walking into, is of graceful elegance and great brightness. There are vast buildings of different structures integrated with nature itself. I am walking with my mother, she is doing the sightseeing, and we are holding hands whilst we are walking in this divine land, incomprehensible to the earthly mind. People that are here around us are cheerful, bright and have an angelic aura.

We enter a park with a mighty fountain surrounded by freshscented lawns, trees and meadows of heavenly flowers in a variety of colours. The sweet and refreshing scent, I recall from earth. This mighty fountain is placed in the centre. It seems like water streaming up and being poured out with a tremendous warmheartedness, an atmosphere of what I can only describe as love. My mother tells me that it is the ‘Fountain of Love’ where spirits of higher spheres come and bring knowledge because there are different spheres of life, different vibrations where people live according to their spirituality. She tells me that this world that I am now part of has a vibration according to my spirituality, the moral and ethical standard that I achieved on the earth plane. She tells me that there are lower spheres where souls of lower development, of lower spirituality, live, people who were cruel, selfish and malicious on earth and that they now abide where their minds are in accordance with their environment. However, there is help and advancement for all souls.

At this time, just a day after I left the earth plane, I feel the need to contemplate. I feel the need to find oneness with my Creator. We sit down in the grass next to the fountain and a beautiful scent from the flowers fills my heart with memories. I sense the love that I had for my fellow beings. It gives me strength, gives me power, the power of love within me. I feel the presence of God in my whole being. Such a wonderful feeling, such a wonderful love, that I receive in this oneness of God.

A new world dawned for my eyes this morning, a paradise, and the heaven that I have found within myself, the heaven of love. That is where I am at this very moment.