Nelson Mandela is a friend of White Bear and came to be one of my spirit collaborators. Read his Facts & Biographical, before reading his book – “Nonviolence – The Strongest Weapon,” communicated from the spirit world in February 2014.

Mother Teresa

Make a better world. Care, Share and Love, these are the fundamental principles of the spiritual truth. Employ nonviolence – the strongest weapon there is – to solve the conflicts of your world, to make a peaceful world. You can heal your world with love; it is the only path, God’s path.

Nelson Mandela in spirit
Jostein Strommen Foundation


“My mission is to bring my knowledge, my wisdom from the afterlife, to earth. It is a mission of love, a mission that seems impossible, but I know from my earthly life, that nothing is impossible. I had a period of 27 years of imprisonment, when hours and days, seemed endless, but even so, in my deepest moments of despair, I saw the light of God within me. I saw the creation that he had brought into being and that was impossible for my earthly mind to comprehend and understand. I then realised the strength of this power, of such love, and that nothing is impossible to achieve if you find the wisdom of yourself and have the will of the Almighty Spirit. That, my friend, is my motivation. When you have the will of God, you can bring the wisdom of love, the truth of life, to the earth. It is a mis- sion that seems impossible, but I know from my earthly experience that it is possible.Nelson Mandela in spirit
Jostein Strommen Foundation

Nelson Mandela

Photo: CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA – Nelson Mandela smiles during a lunch to Benefit the Mandela Children’s Foundation as part of the celebrations of the opening of the new One&Only Cape Town resort on April 3, 2009 in Cape Town, South Africa. – GettyImages/see footnote.