Nelson Mandela - Nonviolence - The Strongest Weapon

When the truth of eternal life is revealed, your world will change, your leaders will change, and the people will change. We are here to make a difference in your world, to your knowledge, even though God has given you his wisdom in his creation, in nature. In our communication, God blesses our initiative so you can raise yourself in your world so that you can heal your world.

– Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela

Photo: CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA – Nelson Mandela smiles during a lunch to Benefit the Mandela Children’s Foundation as part of the celebrations of the opening of the new One&Only Cape Town resort on April 3, 2009 in Cape Town, South Africa. – GettyImages/see footnote.

Nelson Mandela may be addressed in the Xhosa language, his African Native language if desired. Answers are conveyed by Telekinetic energy to document his presence and insight.



My message to the world

My Soul

The truth of life - Let it be born in you

Many Prophets - One religion

Have faith in God

Our love for you

Gods Wisdom Alive on Earth as in Heaven

Let Heaven descend upon Earth

Join forces for a better world

The World beyond

Freedom for every soul

Health and Care for All

Eradicate Poverty

Equality for All

War must be banned through justice

Unite the World through love

Let the tune of Love fill your heart

Let love prevail always

Use your logic and reasoning

Be a light of love for others

You are born for a purpose

Dogmas for religions

Take advice from your ancestor

Create harmony

The light of love

Reconciliation and negotiations

The future - a new era is born

Change - know the truth

Children's Paradise

Beautify your soul, it is all that is everlasting

Care - Share- Love

Break the barrier that holds you down

Peace to the world

Parable - the sun and the wind

Solving todays conflicts

Make a sacrifice - Serve humanity

My Family

Once a methodist

In reconciliation you find peace and you real self

My motivation

Nonviolence - the strongest weapon

The United Nations must take an unequivocal stand for human rights

I deeply regret the armed struggle

My earthly life

A new world comes into sight


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