World Food Day by Mother Teresa


Leave no one behind.

God’s providence is evident.
Love is his message.
A message from Mother Earth is to share your planet’s fruitfulness and resources amongst his children.

You are all equal.
Man has made inequality.

Millions of people are in hunger and extreme poverty.
The wealthy world is just a faint light.

World Food Day is a reminder to your world’s leaders – to all people brought to life by his spirit of love. That spirit of love is for you to share so no one is left behind.

Care, share and love –
They are all your brothers and sisters,
You are one family on earth.

Hunger and poverty, extreme poverty, starvation is
there for you to eradicate according to the sustainable goals of the United Nations – No hunger, No poverty.

Climate change is a disaster for people in rural areas, where you find the most vulnerable who lack healthy nutrition.

You foster new pandemics and pests in your world by your carelessness for Mother Earth – the inevitable effects of the climate gases – the greenhouse effect.
You are behind your schedule of the Paris Agreement – a new sacrifice, the children. Leave no one behind.

My hands of love will show you the way; that is God’s love. You are his instrument on earth to bring his wisdom of love, equality, education and development to all.
It is your duty on earth as God’s hands.

The tremendous wealth of your world allows you to provide food to all the citizens of your world.
Leave no one behind.

God’s love for you all.


World Food Day, 16 October – United Nations

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