World Children’s Day by Mother Teresa

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A Spirit World Message.

Humanity is of God.
In his providence, he greets the child at birth, giving the child his love and guidance. The child is in your hands as parents and in the hands of society to provide security, food, a healthy environment and education. That is the child’s right as a human being. It is all provided for in the declaration of human rights for children on behalf of the United Nations.

The SDGs give you the fundament for children’s welfare to be obtained by 2030. One in six children lives in extreme poverty. With the SDGs in your hands, it is there for you to rectify and provide all children with healthy growth, safety, nutrition, livelihood and development for a child’s evolution on earth.

Children are your next generation. When you come to this side of life, you become their roots, and they are the blooming tree on earth. As nourishment is essential for beautiful flowers, so is the nutrition of love you gave the children when you were alive on earth.

God gave you planet earth to grow, to develop, to find the beauty within, the love that you can give your neighbour, the children of the world.

All people are one family, and it is your obligation to fulfil the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

In my world, we applaud the SDGs and encourage you to fulfil them. It will create a brighter world for you, particularly the next generation, your children.

Care, share, love.

It is our appeal for World Children’s Day – your respect for human rights, the children, the beauties, the flowers of your world.

Let this blooming tree of God’s flowers shine in all its magnificent colours of your world, God’s children, your children.

God bless you all.


World Children’s Day, 20 November – United Nations

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